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xerox could have done a better job
Sep 03, 2007
remmus H - imdb.com
The only reason this movie ended up with more as 1 star is because some hardcore nationalist bollywood lovers didn't write honest reviews. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against remakes nor bollywood, but this is just uninspired crap.... Full review
Feb 03, 2007
purecrime - imdb.com
Warning: I'm a German-Japanese / Poor English Abnormally, i'd generally like to experience remade flicks. More so the if i loved the original. I know there are extremely few which equals or excels to the original but it's not a... Full review
Holy sh*t...
Jan 25, 2007
daniel-berger-2 - imdb.com
... I totally agree with the previous comments, how can someone copy shameless a good movie AND took out the best scenes and best story elements? Oldboy is definitely one of the best movies (that's why it's good story copied... Full review
It's not something new for bollywood to copy foreign movie's script. I guess they (actors, director and creative staff members...) all gather around and watch the movie to be copied so that there will be no confusion what they are... Full review
Bollywood should NEVER try to be as ambitious to tackle films like Oldboy. Indian morality eventually gets in the way. Such attempts are cringeworthy. Do not bother watching Zinda unless you like talentless 'eye candy' type films. Watch the original... Full review
Product of a questionably loose Indian Copyright laws
Jul 04, 2006
bumfromkorea - imdb.com
Many have said this before, but I'm afraid I have to repeat the opinion on the account that a surprising many have decided that Zinda is worth of anything more than 1 star in IMDb. Zinda is a unscrupulous photocopy... Full review
Sunjay Gupta Copy Machine
Apr 24, 2006
denn_2003 - imdb.com
This director hasn't made a lot of movies, but the following are his movies that are copied from the corresponding movie names: Zinda - Old Boy Musaafir - U-turn Kante - Resorvior Dogs Jung - Desperate Measures & Face Off... Full review
A True Insult To Oldboy !!!
Mar 06, 2006
nmacog-1 - imdb.com
I can't believe they got the rights to crucify OLDBOY with this trash!!! I mean why bother... They have totally destroyed a cult movie of very high standard. The acting in this"effort" is shabby, the cinematography is amateur, the dialogue... Full review
OK, first off, this movie should be renamed to MURDA (dead).Seeing this film's previews earlier on, and with Sanjay Dutt's comments that he plays a very complicated character, it had everything going for it until it suddenly became clear that... Full review
Below average for a re-make
Jan 15, 2006
ace_nair - imdb.com
Most people who write reviews do so immediately after having felt the experience of the matter they are reviewing. I gave myself 48 hours before I decided to make what I wanted of about Zinda.To start with, Zinda is a... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 20, 2006
Rediff India
a fascinating scene....quirky, incredible, violent, earth-shattering films....a great film....refuse to watch Zinda....good cinema.... ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2006
Apun ka Choice
all this makes 'Zinda' a visually appealing movie.....although unoriginal, story and a noteworthy acting performance by its frontman Sanjay Dutt .....John Abraham looks suave and dandy....Sanjay Dutt deserves all praise for a performance that shows his range as an actor.....The camera angles, the tone of the film, the slick editing, fade-to-black shots -.... ... Full Review
| Dec 22, 2005
His effortless macho acting and natural rugged looks suit the genre perfectly.....the director successfully chooses for his movies portray myriad moods and situations that are essentially male centric..... ... Full Review
| Dec 12, 2005
Shibani does well wonderfully once again....there is a pleasant shift in ' Maula ' where he turns absolutely sober for a song about pain and loneliness.....there is something intriguing about the setting of the movie.....A theme song that may appear in the background score of the movie, this 'sufi' number is sung brilliantly by Krishna.....Gupta has been known for his marvelous shot-taking;.... ... Full Review

On the whole, Zinda is an interesting story told in a stylish format.....The violent sequences, for instance, are highly gruesome....The dry, dark and gruesome film....Like Gupta's last effort [ Musafir ], Zinda is provocative and graphic....Mahesh Manjrekar is routine..... ... Full Review


July 13th, 2010 July 14, 2010: Trouble between actor Sanjay Dutt and director Sanjay Gupta has been prevalent for years now and so many other members of the industry are possibly getting impacted in one way or the other. ... Full Article

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