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Fun 90's Bollywood
Mar 10, 2006
veracious_lies -
I saw this without subtitles so I possibly missed out on something, but overall the plot is so basic there wasn't much to miss out on. I know a bit of Hindi so I could follow the plot just fine.This... Full review
See Sabrina instead...
Jun 11, 2002
yaypetewon -
This movie is alright for an Indian film. The actors are so-so. The story is clearly taken from Sabrina. So, if you want to see the same story only 100 times better, see Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.... Full review
A best entertainment.
Apr 10, 2002
mohsin ali khan -
I really liked Yeh Dillagi.The performance of all the actors and actoresses was excellent.The direction of movie was also superb.The only weak point was its music but some songs i.e "Lagi Lagi Hai Yeh" and "Jab Bhi Kisi" were hit.Kajol... Full review
Aug 16, 2008
a good romantic film, love triangle between two brothers and one girl. Truely i think akshay looks best in these type of roles, it shows his talent whereas now he looks like a crank in those not-so-funny, OTT comedies. He shud stik to wat he is best at! This film tells of vicky(saif) who is more of a player(flirt) from a rich family, he does no work besides playing girls. Then steps in sapna(kajol), who shows him his true status, humiliates him, teaches him not to harass girls and make something of himself. From then saif changes. Sapna meets vijay(akki) in mumbai, she is now a rich model and they start to fall in love. They decide to marry, but wen they go bck home he comes to find out that viky loves sapna aswell. 2 brothers love one girl? who will she accept? vijay being the eldest sacrifices his love for viky, but sapna has non of it and says none of them will be happy. Vicky sees them hugging and gets himself drunk. He confronts his brother and creates some drama that reunites sapna and vijay. Later we see vicky driving off in a car with karisma kapoor???

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