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Feb 16, 2008
lilccspongebobsp - yahoo.com
this movie is off the chain its so cool and intresting it keeps you on your toes i give it 2 thumbs up and 89 stars... Full review
Feb 01, 2008
godrockskb - yahoo.com
This movie is bad because all it shows is people having sex together. That's it. It shows people taking drugs, partying and having sex. Now personally, I kind of like Mark Ruffalo but in this movie, all I see is his... Full review
Good one
Oct 16, 2007
colorado182 - yahoo.com
I really liked XX/XY. Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite actors and he was great in this movie. This is by no means an action-packed movie, but if you like introspective and thoughtful films you should not be disappointed. It... Full review
The art film that went bad....
Aug 18, 2007
cheryl_ledwidge - yahoo.com
This had a chance to be a great sexy movie instead it leaves you wondering why you wasted your time. It is an art film that went really bad. The creativity is lost and you question where the story is going.... Full review
Feb 04, 2007
milburncreek - yahoo.com
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. After forty minutes, I suffered enough and shut it off. I'd intended to return to the movie but realized that absolutely nothing stuck with me and there was no point.... Full review
Hardly real people in real relationships...
Oct 04, 2006
d p - imdb.com
I kept watching the movie once it started, so I can't say it was entirely awful. I wanted to see the characters progress and use each experience to grow and learn, but it never happened. Ruffalo's character bothered me the... Full review
A calmer version of Jerry Springer
Aug 05, 2006
Kristine - imdb.com
I'm not sure why, but while I was at Hollywood Video, I ran across XX/XY and decided to give it a shot. What did I have to loose? It was free! :D I'm in a special club. Anywho, XX/XY takes... Full review
Better Than Expected
May 07, 2006
Lechuguilla - imdb.com
Three college-age swingers "get together" for some fun, and in the course of a few months grow emotionally close to each other. The central character is Coles (Mark Ruffalo), a libertine who draws artwork and wants to be a filmmaker.... Full review
XXX: /XX/XY would have been better
Jan 16, 2006
rob_cave - yahoo.com
Like some of the other reviews I agree that this story had potential but it did not deliver on its promise. It was ok, but just ok. It was predictable and one can certainly live a fulfilling life without having seen... Full review
20 somethings have fun, then pay the consequences.
Nov 24, 2005
Robert Clarke - imdb.com
A tale of 3 twenty somethings who meet at a party and end up having a threesome.two of the trilogy end up in an "open relationship", until feelings for each other get in the way and they end up drifting... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 13, 2004
Houston Chronicle
A small, wobbly study of contemporary relationships, XX/XY, crudely filmed in digital video, is the directorial debut of Austin Chick, who also wrote the screenplay. XX/XY is a sour portrait of Gen X yuppies who settle for adult lives that appear at once soulless and overprivileged. ... Full Review
| Oct 10, 2003
BBC Films
Yet XX/XY succeeds as an amusing critique rather than an empty-headed endorsement of its protagonists' behaviour.....It disappeared without trace at the American box-office, and some British critics have already complained about its self-obsessed characters.....As with the best comedies, XX/XY examines some serious themes:....he's a sharp director -....Benefiting from a screenplay which isn't afraid to undermine audience expectations, the actors deliver some incisive performances:.... ... Full Review
| Apr 11, 2003
Chick elicits spectacularly fine performances across the board, most notably from Wright and Kel O'Neill as Thea's wet-nosed college buddy.....The film's awkward first half takes place in 1993, when Coles (an advertising animator/aspiring filmmaker) hooks up with Sarah Lawrence student Sam (a radiant Maya Stange) at a party.....Mark Ruffalo reaffirms his mastery of the inarticulate-but-sensitive heel in an ambitious serio-comedy of love and self-deception among Manhattan 's cool and fabulous.....Maya Stange ... Full Review

I don't think that XX/XY will be the best film I see in 2003, but I'll be surprised if it doesn't end the year as my personal favorite. It's not as easy as claiming that I can see myself in one of these characters, because on the surface, my life doesn't hold much in common with the subjects of XX/XY . ... Full Review

Los Angeles Times
It's an overly familiar setup played out by overly familiar types but, curiously, what invests "XX/XY" with its tension is that there's no sense that Austin Chick, the film's capable young director and writer, knows what he feels about any of this. There's nothing necessary about the story and the filmmaking, and nothing essentially unpleasant and unrecognizable. ... Full Review


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