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| Jul 27, 2009
If anything, it's even more fascinating as a historical document, the experience richer after the movie filled in the back story.....Frost has facts and jabs with them relentlessly.... ... Full Review
| Jan 29, 2009
Boston Globe
One of the great things about places we've relays in is it's it's a presentation. You're working brilliantly tells the story is if you were. ... Full Review
| Dec 24, 2008
Boston Globe
We you can look around in by the original frost Nixon and Watergate interviews and so maybe that's a good idea at. Hand to curious case and gotten that way not in price since -- Streep in the best actress ... ... Full Review
| Aug 01, 1974
BBC Films
The name derived from a famous pornographic film of the time. ... Full Review

The Celebrity Cafe
The dramatic movie is also educational as well shocking to realize how our nation once stood under a man like Richard Nixon.....After three years from being forced from office due to the Watergate scandal allegations, Richard Nixon has remained silent..... ... Full Review


Actress DIANE LADD has spent years and a small fortune on a campaign to f ind out the truth about apparent government whistle blower MARTHA MITCHEL L after the ghost of the former U.S. ... Full Article

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