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User Reviews

Iconic "Man In Black" burns a ring of Fire
Apr 28, 2008
bdcounselor - yahoo.com
A MUST see!Joaquin Phoenix &Reese Witherspoon are superb. Phoenix has my vote for an Oscar performance & should be nominated for an Emmy too--best vocal performance. Impressive. Director James Mangold brings The story of "The Man in Black," to life as... Full review
good movie, expected more.
Apr 01, 2008
ubu_mg - yahoo.com
I want to start out by saying that it was overall a good movie. Great acting and great visual but left alot of story or at least some of the best of Johnny Cash out of it. It could have shown... Full review
Great movie for those who like......
Sep 03, 2007
rockymountainhammer - yahoo.com
Overall a very nice package...very entertaining with great sound and visuals. Both lead actors made you feel it was genuine. Loved the singing if it was mimed or real..it was so well done I could not tell... and I am a... Full review
Oscar all over it
Jul 17, 2007
bjsl - yahoo.com
Reese's and Joaquin's BEST film yet!! AWSOME, WONDERFUL. The whole movie was great from start to finish. Hands down BEST 2005 Film. 'Nuff said.... Full review
Jun 18, 2007
jonaslum - yahoo.com
this is a great movie and a great way to tell the amazing storie of the legendary johnny cash. great acting and great story.... Full review
I'd 'Walk the Line' for this one!!!!
Mar 23, 2007
lady_of_the_lake2222 - yahoo.com
I went into this movie not really sure what to expect, thinking I'd get up to get my refreshments if it was boring...not a chance; I was glued to my seat for the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes. Superb acting... Full review
Wait in line if you have to!
Mar 21, 2007
skyeboy20 - yahoo.com
Walk the lime is truly a gem. It is a great life story of a guy I honestly had no major interest in. It starred to great actors, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon as Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash. It was... Full review
Well done but incomplete
Mar 20, 2007
chris_kalen - yahoo.com
I cannot argue with the superb acting (and singing!) in this film, and, of course, the soundtrack is first rate. But the story seemed to revolve around Johnny's quest to get the girl he wanted, through trials with extra-marital flings, drug... Full review
This Movie is Funny Sad And Romantic!
Mar 20, 2007
itz_a_beautiful_lie - yahoo.com
I love this movie. Its my all time favorite!! I love Reese and Joaquin!! When i first saw this movie my dad was watching it on DVD in the living room and all i could hear was music thats what got... Full review
A Beautiful Biography!
Feb 13, 2007
jinglehopper22 - yahoo.com
I loved this movie of the biography of Johnny Cash. I thought the acting (Joaquin Phoenix as Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter) was outstanding. Joaquin is so convincing as Johnny Cash, with the same voice, and vocals although the... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 14, 2009
I think I like some of the tracks better than the original song.....It is real hard to pick one movie out of all the great one out there.... ... Full Review
| Aug 28, 2008
But I don't feel quite satisfied that this film has given us the real Johnny Cash, and perhaps the biggest reason is that to me, Joaquin Phoenix is not Johnny Cash. But along the way, he had a troubled and ultimately broken marriage with Vivian (Ginnifer Goodwin), an almost deadly affair with booze and pills, and a long romance with fellow singer June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). ... Full Review
| Mar 27, 2008
Monsters and Critics
Lastly, the scene in which Joaquin auditions for Dallas Roberts playing Sam Phillips is an amazing and bold piece of acting....Reese Witherspoon is even better as June Carter.....love their first meeting at a diner early in the film....James Mangold skillfully chronicles the details of Johnny Cash's hard life..... ... Full Review
| Mar 27, 2008
Film School Rejects
On the basis of its own merits, Walk the Line is a good film. Of the two, Ray was the better executed, while I enjoyed the music of Walk the Line more. ... Full Review
| Mar 25, 2008
Entertainment Insiders
Good movie. ... Full Review


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