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Very different Kevin Smith flick
Jul 03, 2008
newsongarisin641 -
Vulgar was quite an unexpected flick. From one of the best comedic film makers today, comes a very dark spirited flick that is not for the faint hearted. The acting was spectacular and made the movie seem almost too real. I... Full review
I love this movie.
Apr 14, 2008
mrtwillrule -
That rape scene turned me on. I just wish he had santourum come out. I wish this movie was my life because it\'s the best thing that could happen to me... Full review
a little messed up but good *****
Jan 24, 2008
totemonkey -
i origanaly was like humm kevin smith produced this well i am a huge *****ing kevin smith fan he is my *****ing hero. so when i started watching it i was like ok this will be ok becuse i havent seen... Full review
Kevin Smith at his worst
Oct 15, 2007
chasepaintballer -
A rent-a-clown that gets raped by two fat rednecks... what a great plot. I hated every minute of it. Why and how my friend swayed me to continue to watch it I\'ll never know.... Full review
Much better than people give it credit for
Jul 22, 2006
mikespectrum -
This film is famous for one disturbing scene, which is truly not THAT disturbing. The male rape scene in Vulgar is no worse than the one in Deliverance, except for the language. What we really have here is a "rags-to-riches" story... Full review
Will Carlson is a birthday clown who is having some troubles. He can't pay the rent, his mom hates him, and everybody gives him a difficult time. He gets the idea of being an adult entertainer party clown. On his first... Full review
Sick Stupid and Repulsive Trash
Mar 08, 2006
jimmyb242 -
What an unpleasant, revolting movie! I can\\'t see how anyone would enjoy watching this. It is disgusting and without any taste at all. I just finished watching this movie and I\\'m still a little tongue tied. I couldn\\'t recommend this to... Full review
Sickening to the max!
Mar 08, 2006
wunzntooz -
Tasteless. Kevin Smith had a hand in this? Please tell me I\\'m wrong. I know the clown was Dante from Clerks but please tell me that Mr. Smith washed his hands of this filth. It takes a lot to offend me,... Full review
Disturbing film
Mar 08, 2006
NothingXJR -
Kevin Smith didn\\'t actually write or direct this one, but he did help produce it and act in it (small bit part). the movie was interesting. a bit disturbing. DANTE (BRIAN CHRISTOPER O\\'HALLORAN) can actually act in a serious role!! in... Full review
Really bad movie
Feb 14, 2006
pheonix_ignition4 -
I love Kevin Smith!! but lets be honest. This film sucked. It ended and I was still waiting for a Kevin Smith movie moment. Trust me its not what you think. Its like Clerks trying to be a soap opera with... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 31, 2002
Vulgar is simply horrible There will be the very smart dialogue Even if Vulgar wasn't vile, disgusting, and just plain unfunny, the sheer stupidity of the last half almost hurts. ... Full Review
| Sep 03, 2002
DVD Talk
Final thought: This would-be exploitation flick doesn't push Vulgar's much deserved vengeance NEARLY far enough. The movie: It's incredibly noble, or perhaps just tragic, someone so miserable as Will ( Brian O'Halloran ) would pursue a career as a children's party clown with such tenacity. ... Full Review
| Apr 26, 2002
The film fails on pretty much every level.....he saves the best, most realistic dialogue for the character he plays himself.....Even the soundtrack is so loud and grating it's physically the screening I was at, the director overrode the complaints of audience members demanding it be turned down..... ... Full Review
I wonder how time will treat Vulgar , one of the most unpleasant film experiences I have ever had. Vulgar , directed by Bryan Johnson (who also appears as Carlson's best friend), is the most unfocused, amateurish mess I have seen in quite some time. ... Full Review
The result is a mish-mash of awkward moments, repugnant images.... ... Full Review


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