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Visually Interesting-Good but sad story
Feb 09, 2008
picky_nose_monkey -
I thought this movie was fabulous and very visually interesting. The story was sad but touching and the stuff her family put her through was probably the reality for many young women... Full review
Horrible this disgusted me
Oct 10, 2007
woahphoto -
I find this movie to be disgusting. How can you be moved by a child getting raped ? How is that moving that yet another movie is patriarchal and that we as women are some piece of meat to get... Full review
I hate this movie more than I hate stinky turds
May 13, 2007
prakesh4244 -
And let me tell you what, this here hindu mofo be hatin the stinky turds. especially after having some bean curd mixed with choda sauce from donkey bung. yuck oh yeah that's some nasty shizee... Full review
A true powerhouse
Nov 10, 2006
amy_gardner6 -
In this world full of trite and ridiculously overused films that superficially entertain us, I was so impressed by Virgin. I too knew nothing about it, had heard no hype or reviews when we watched it. It is difficult to watch... Full review
Worst Film EVER
Jan 01, 2006
duvet_ad -
I have tried to be reasonable as I like to appreciate all movies and take one thing that I loved from it. However, a line has to be drawn. Perhaps I did not understand the movie or maybe it would have... Full review
um, can someone explain this to me?
Oct 13, 2005
juniper826 -
I'm still confused...even after watching it twice there still seems to be little resolution for the characters. It made about as much sense as the mating habits of african bees. And what is with the naked spanish lady? Watch this at... Full review
Sep 21, 2005
lovely25y -
This film was filled with raw emotions that dug deep inside and pulled them to the surface. Jesses deep desire just to be loved by any one is very moving. I enjoyed this film and highly recomend it. Please watch it... Full review
Wow! Offended and not entertained all at one movie
Jun 20, 2005
kickdrumkid -
Not only was this movie's story line offensive it was also very poorly constructed and rather trite. If it wasn't for the hard work of the actors and people behind the scenes, this film wouldn't have made past the scratch pad... Full review
Jun 20, 2005
usuario1875 -
This movie shows the lenghts religious brain washing can damage otherwise decent people. Self degradation, fear and hypocracy take front ropw in this must see film.... Full review
Amazing Commentary On Religion and Society
Jun 20, 2005
fake_plastic_wings -
"Virgin" has to be one of the most simple, yet heart wrenching movies I have seen in years. Because of it's low budget, the story and characters really helps the movie flow.Jessie is a small-town girl, who loves cigarettes and... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 06, 2005
Chicago Sun-Times
explicitly than "Virgin" the experience of being blindsided by an unsolicited spiritual epiphany..... ... Full Review
| Sep 03, 2004
Her impending motherhood is here the catalyst for newfound courage, a very real but entirely hegemonic narrative.....Her unidentified small town community is similarly disapproving, its narrow-minded inhabitants cautionary tale caricatures..... ... Full Review
| Sep 03, 2004
The New York Times
Ms. Kampmeier is a talented director of actors, and under her guidance Ms. Moss shines in a convincing, undistanced performance.....For some viewers, that won't be a step in the right direction..... ... Full Review
| Aug 11, 2004
Entertainment Insiders
Virgin" is a painful feature debut from writer/director Deborah Kampmeier. Jessie's mother is played by the skillful Robin Wright Penn. Without a sincere performance such as this, the film would not have been as credible. ... Full Review
Kampmeier employs the hand-held camera aesthetic, which adds realism to the films look, but more importantly it ensures that you never get too comfortable watching the images. Kampmeier, however, doesnt allow her film to veer into special-effects-land or to become too stylistic. ... Full Review


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