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Greatest Horror-Comedy of Our Time
Nov 27, 2008
quakerparrot771 -
"They say theres nothing new under the sun, but under the ground..." Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward is truely the best horror-comedy I've ever seen. The comedy is excellent just as everything else in the film is. I would... Full review
Pretty Good
Nov 18, 2008
abyss50 -
Tremors: A worth watching movie. The acting was pretty darn good, and the suspense was built pretty well also. the worms, though, looked pretty much like a big... well... turd. But, other than that and a few seemingly pointless scenes, good... Full review
Perfection review
Oct 19, 2008
robotnickthedan -
This was my first scary movie I ever saw. I saw parts of this movie when I was about six and then later I saw the whole movie. This is one of the movies I've seen so many times because its... Full review
Tremors is a nerve-breaker after a while
Sep 14, 2008
joshmosenthin -
I like this movie. It's good for what it is... but if you watch it to much, then it gets grinded right into the dust! I will probably not watch this movie for another couple years... Full review
Digs but stays above ground
Jul 06, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Tremors has some terrifying moments of suspense that keeps it well in place though it did have slip ups it was well done.... Full review
"no way man, no way!"
May 24, 2008
doe_eyed_twinklers -
This movie is funny. There is alot to be said for interesting creatures and interesting characters. A low budget film that has a great cast. This movie holds your attention with humor and action. I love it.... Full review
Too bad
Feb 08, 2008
angrydragon55 -
Its too bad this movie didn't gross more than it did. It's probably the most original monster movie of the decade. I think the reason for its failure was its budget, which should have been bigger. However, don't let a meager... Full review
stupied stupied movie
Jan 25, 2008
lilwill053197 -
kevin bacon is a great actor but this was one of his worst movie and the story was so stupied and dumb with all of the anmalis the only movie this was not worst is the wicker man and i hate... Full review
Tremors the movie
Aug 27, 2007
cgendreau -
Dude, I thought Tremors was totally awesome with those steller utant worm things. AWESOME!!!!!!!!I loved the special effects, and plus it had great actors in it. Also another greatt detail about tremors was the setting. The desert was the perfect place... Full review
mmmm, Tremors
Jul 26, 2007
blrdo -
What a fun movie!!! It's not a great "horror" or "monster" movie, but, I don't think it was intended to be such. It is part monster-horror movie and part parody of such movies. All of the actors really sell, and it... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 10, 2008
Nancy Roberts (packager of the original Tremors and producer of Tremors 2,3,and 4) will produce with Ron Underwood onboard to direct (as he did the original Tremors) from a screenplay by S. S. Wilson and Brent Maddock. Like Tremors, Night Crew is a fast-moving monster tale full of quirky characters, scary moments, and laugh-out-loud humor, but this time in an urban setting. ... Full Review
| Jul 12, 2007
Overall it's a really enjoyable film. It's a fun experience which is very important and it's actually an intelligent movie. What makes it an intelligent movie is the way in which the characters, which I'll get to shortly ... Full Review
| Jan 02, 2004
Get ready to be shaken to your core by the all-new prequel to the original Tremors! Tremors 4: The Legend Begins will thrill you with incredible action sequences, awesome bonus features and earth-shaking special effects created by the award-winning team behind the original box-office hit, Tremors. ... Full Review
| Jan 19, 1990
Tremors is an affectionate homage to the monster-themed B-movies of the 1950s, but unlike many such homages, it never becomes a parody.....and without the right special effects and musical score --....On paper, even the most terrifying films sound ridiculous, from's interesting how many horror comedies are in that category.....In movies, there is often a very fine line between comedy and horror..... ... Full Review
there's still an underlying affection for these characters....the actors retain their wit and sparkle..... ... Full Review


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