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User Reviews

Every Kid's Fantasy
Feb 03, 2009
alexkolokotronis -
Toy Story is the film that started Pixar Animated Studios into its long string of never ending success. What Pixar does is not just absorb the younger demographic and keep the older ones mildly entertained. It completely absorbs everyone watching no... Full review
This movie is awesome
Jan 20, 2009
ed6565 -
I love this movie I watched it so much when I was little that it broke, I dont see why it only got a B... Full review
Toy Story is the Best!
Sep 06, 2008
movieguy99 -
In my opinion this is the best kids movie ever made. Even if you not a kid you'll still enjoy the movie. It is filled with enjoyable and funny scenes.... Full review
what a good movie
Aug 25, 2008
sawbaw8 -
this is a kids movie but the parents will like this one to. and it is the best animated film ever made. it is the 3rd best film ever made. it is funy and entertaning. th voice overs are amazing. and... Full review
Really good
Aug 24, 2008
coop_1096 -
Well when I saw this movie Toy Story I thought it was a good movie. I thought it was really good. But I thought it could done better. But overall Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were a really good pair. Go... Full review
Toys were never so much FUN!
Aug 10, 2008
second2none_ef -
Before Toy Story came out in 1995, nobody has ever seen a computer animated film. After Pixar, that all changed. After Toy Story, more studios began making animated movies, like Dreamworks (Shrek). When it comes out in 3-D in the following... Full review
Family entertainment
Aug 09, 2008
tranmarvin -
this movie is a great movie to watch. It's fun and entertaining in every way. I mean the way it was set up was amazing. This is the first 3-D animated films(but not the best). It created new ideas and all... Full review
Pixars Best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 04, 2008
nick_the_sportsguy -
How can you dis a great movie like this one? The greatest kids movie of all time! There is just no possible way you can say anything wrong about this movie! It is a perfect movie!... Full review
The best Pixar movie
Jul 30, 2008
disneylover152 -
The movie is so original, funny, and smart. The movie has the best cast. The movie has a nonstop family fun. Great for kids of any age. The movie never gets old. 4 out of 4 stars.... Full review
One of my favorite movies
Jul 20, 2008
ccmckendry -
Right next to Willy Wonka, Toy Story is absolutley my favoite Disney/Pixar next to Finding Nemo. Toy Story is amazing. I love it so much. You have to see it!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 25, 2010
Rediff India
You'd be a fool to miss Toy Story 3....Teenagers of course will love the film but so will the adults.....But underlying it was a fear in case the film failed to live up to people's expectations.....No, Toy Story 3 has all the earlier elements combined with stunning visual effects, touching dialogues and a brilliant background score..... ... Full Review
| Jun 25, 2010
IBN Live
'Toy Story 3' is funny, scary and sad....the movie works perfectly without the extra dimension.....While 'Toy Story 3' isn't as groundbreaking and edgy as 'Wall-E', or as wildly unpredictable as 'Up', it's hard to deny how utterly convincing....You also have Ken, the preening, fashion-conscious male doll who's rewarded with a hilarious romantic track opposite airhead Barbie..... ... Full Review
| Jun 23, 2010
On a whole, however, recapturing the magical allure of an original motion picture....So, be thankful "Toy Story 3" is very much worth the price of admission.....The creative folks behind the franchise have once again given audiences a compelling story with stunning visuals.....It is a certainly crowd pleasing piece of cinema.....They created a script that was perfectly balanced, maintaining a compelling narrative.... ... Full Review
| Jun 23, 2010
not bad for a sequel about toys..... ... Full Review
| Jun 23, 2010
It's a poignant story told from the toys' perspective....The animation is as good as we have come to expect from Pixar..... ... Full Review


Fewer paying customers showed up for this summer's movies than in any summer since 1997, but Hollywood still raked in record receipts of $4.35 billion. ... Full Article

The Associated Press More News The star of "Home Improvement" and the "Toy Story" movies is becoming a pitchman for Chevrolet. General Motors Co. says Tim Allen will be a spokesman for the brand and will star in a series... ... Full Article

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Toy Story 3 is about to set another box office record for The Walt Disney Co. The company says the third movie in the Pixar series will pass $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales today (Friday). ... Full Article

Hannah McGill, the artistic director of the Edinburgh international film festival (EIFF), is to step down after four years in charge in order to pursue a writing career. ... Full Article

Executives at movie giant Disney have pulled all the studio's films from competing at the annual Annie Awards following a dispute over the judging criteria. ... Full Article

There is a moment in the latest Toy Story film where Barbie stuns her companions with an impromptu treatise on the principles of democratic governance. ... Full Article

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