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Good Performance with Colin Farrell
Mar 24, 2008
tkc08131985 - yahoo.com
The story is very good and the director Joel Schumacher has done a great job. The act of acting of the actor in this movie are well perform in their role especially Colin Farrell. He is an extraordinary actor and his... Full review
This was a classic
Dec 13, 2007
top7172 - yahoo.com
What a great anti war story From the inside. Colin Farrel is a great actor. This was one of the first movies i saw him in and became a fan right from the start. I loved it!... Full review
The Schu's on the other foot-the good one
Aug 09, 2007
coolidge1000 - yahoo.com
Colin Farrell gives a good performance in a film that would've problably sucked if less talented actors were on hand. The direction is incompetent, by Joel Schumacher, of course. This is a better effort.... Full review
May 21, 2007
espnanthony - yahoo.com
Another war movie that works for everyone. With Colin Farrell putting up a good showing in the movie. If you like all the war movies, you will enjoy this movie.... Full review
Been There
Jan 21, 2007
cliftonbowyer - yahoo.com
As a grunt who went through Fort Polk in the early 70's I found this movie to stir the most memories, good and bad. There was a little much leeway given, for instance smoking in the barracks, guitars and other personnel... Full review
About the Consequences of War and Humanity
Jan 07, 2007
beetlew_2001 - yahoo.com
This movie takes the interesting point of view of soilders in training for the Vietnam War. One soilder in particular, Bozz (played by Colin Farrell), directly opposes his army superiors and the war. Colin Farrell is excellent. Many have criticised his... Full review
incredible movie
Jan 07, 2007
i_eat_salad2003 - yahoo.com
This is maybe the best movie colin farrell ever did till now. Although it did not hit the box office but it is a brave, touching and deep movie. As a vietnamese, i think this movie describe the true meaning of... Full review
Nov 17, 2006
daved3366 - yahoo.com
My introduction to Colin Farrell. Superb acting, the visual effects were tremendous. you get the feeling of being there in the swamps of Louisiana. I like the gritty look to it all.... Full review
Nov 17, 2006
lilmoon41890 - yahoo.com
This movie was so brilliant, Colin is amazing, great acting. its just brilliant! i recommend watching the movie. Its a memorable movie, the visual was outstanding, i just give this movie thumbs up, and 5/5!... Full review
One of the best movies I've seen..
Aug 31, 2006
chriswoza5 - yahoo.com
I bought this film for 9.99 at local video store and it turned out to be one of the best movies I have ever seen. Colin Farell gives an extrodinary performance along with Matthew Davis. The film shows the harrowing and... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 11, 2008
Its a very good film indeed, but Id only recommend it to those who have the fortitude to withstand a week at Tigerland themselves. Thats where Tigerland is strongest Hes well supported by Clifton Collins Jr. ... Full Review
| Oct 18, 2001
Urban Cinefile
Its Farrells intense performance that makes Tigerland such a powerful indictment of the madness of war and prevents it from becoming just another cliched Nam movie. His star quality was certainly evident at the London Film Festival premiere of Tigerland last year when Schumacher introduced the actor to a riotous reception from the late night audience. ... Full Review
| May 18, 2001
Tigerland simply yomps over territory already ridiculously well covered by everything from Private Benjamin to Full Metal Jacket. Much has been made of Schumachers use of hand-held cameras and gritty film stock, but to be honest hes hardly re-inventing himself. ... Full Review
| May 02, 2001
BBC Films
Shot on digital video, which lends it a suitably grainy, documentary quality, "Tigerland" is set in Louisiana in 1971 at a boot camp preparing young Americans for Vietnam. Despite his usual ability to spend more time on set design than he does on actors, Schumacher handles the more intimate setting with great skill, aided by some great acting, deft cinematography from Darren Aronofsky's cohort Matthew Libatique, and a phenomenally charismatic central performance by unknown Irishman Colin Farrell. ... Full Review

Tiscali UK
While this is an admirable statement, the film lacks any real power in making it: rather like the brutal training the troops go through, it's all a bit of a slog. The motley crew of conscripts is led by Boz ( Colin Farrell ), a reluctant leader if ever there was one. ... Full Review


TIGERLAND: Starring Colin Farrell. Directed by Joel Schumacher. Written by Ross Klavan and Michael McGruther. (Rated R. 101 minutes. At the Roxie Cinema.) In "Tigerland," a scabrous drama about Army recruits bound for Vietnam, Joel Schumacher makes a startling about-face... ... Full Article

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