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User Reviews

good flick
Jan 15, 2009
crispy1776 -
great movie. not only is it as scary as he**, but the dialogue and situations are funny, too. when the alien comes out of the dog, attacking the other dogs--that's scary. when the alien comes out of the one scientist while... Full review
The Thing
Jan 13, 2009
spinozahegel -
One of the best horrow films EVER created. The Thing, as a film and conceptually, is creepy. Outstanding visuals, for the 1980s, and is "very very very spooky." Kurt Russel gives one of his best performances.... Full review
It hide inside
Dec 05, 2008
a.funkhouser -
This is My most favorite of All Time.The acting it outstanding one of Carpenter's TRUE work of horror. the story was is a little of side but it explains what happen later on in the movie.Visual was Awsome for the early... Full review
2 Words: GOOD and CREEPY!
Nov 15, 2008
philipdr88 -
I've been waiting to see this movie for almost a month and now i finally did. The only scene I didn't like is the scene when the dog transforms and kills the other dogs. They used the word "*****" in very... Full review
Original, But Not For Everyone
Aug 20, 2008
predalien453 -
I understand that this film was and still is a masterpiece, but it just isn't for me. This movie isn't for everyone, I love John Carpenter's work, but this one just didn't click with me. I really wanted to like it,... Full review
An excellent Thing!!
Aug 13, 2008
rezboyz40 -
This is one of the most genuine, artistic and frightening films of all time. This film was ahead of it's time and remains as one of my favorite horror movies OF ALL TIME. John Carpenter at the peak of his skills.... Full review
All Time Horror Movie Favorite!
Jul 10, 2008
andrew -
I found the Thing to be one of the best horror movies because it is exellent in its own way. The feeling of claustrophobia lingers throught the movie. A must watch for all you horror fans out there!... Full review
Jul 10, 2008
glh_focus -
Seriously, I can't believe I never heard of this movie before...and when you are watching it, don't say, 'This are some crappy special effects.' This is 1982...I think they are pretty darn good. The setting for the story is PERFECT. Trapped... Full review
This THING is as good as it gets
Jul 10, 2008
jkncinema -
With the exception of "ALIENS", I don't think there has been a better sci fi movie made. Clearly John Carpenter's best movie to date. Kurt Russell was also equally brilliant. I loved the story and the atmosphere of it. This is... Full review
This movie is unbelievable
Jul 10, 2008
ckysk8er989 -
This has to be by far Carpenter's best film ever! Kurt Russell and Keith David perfect for their parts. The special effects were crazy the gore was so realistic. The norris transformation was the best one of them all. It's amazing... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 22, 2009
My surprise wasn't at how gross the movie was....It is by no means a flawless screenplay.....My first experience with John Carpenter's The Thing was unusually alarming..... ... Full Review
| Apr 18, 2009
Don't mess with 'The Thing....if 1982's The Thing weren't so endlessly great I want to eat it like a sandwich..... ... Full Review
| Apr 16, 2009
The one quality shared by every excellent film is the ability to capture one emotion, state of mind or idea extremely thing as it  really is, it has the potential to be a great film..... ... Full Review
| Feb 25, 2009
If you want to see a classic yet sadly underrated horror film then be sure to check out this 80's remake of The Thing.....The pacing of the movie is slower than what movies in the new millennium are accustomed to....However this remake of The Thing by horror directed John Carpenter creates a tension-filled atmosphere of paranoia that only adds to the 'alien monster movie' thrills.....It also stands out as one of the movie's most impressive moments..... ... Full Review
| Jan 28, 2009
Author: Clint Morris Date: Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 Time: 8:24 pm After umpteen years of trying to sequelize the original film (or, should I say, the beloved 80s remake of The Thing from Another World) John Carpenter has seemingly raised his flag and surrended to the remake robots. ... Full Review


Erik Childress Jun 16th 2010 // 4:05PM Just a few weeks shy of the 29th anniversary of the release of John Carpenter's masterful reinvention of The Thing (From Another World) , Universal will give it another go with a prequel... ... Full Article reports that actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been cast in the role of "Derek" in Universal's The Thing prequel. Shooting is well underway in Canada with stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton and Jonathan Lloyd Walker and director Matthijs van... ... Full Article

What has been rumor has been officially confirmed: Universal will indeed be adding a prequel chapter to John Carpenter's 1982 psychological-horror classic, The Thing . ... Full Article

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