The Terminator


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User Reviews

Love this movie!
Jan 06, 2009
smosier87 -
Although T2 had much better effects, The first Terminator will always be my favorite! Action, horror, romance---you'll find it all in the first Terminator. Great movie!... Full review
"The Terminator"
Jan 01, 2009
cosmeo77 -
What a breakthrough advancement of special effects within this film. This is hysterical! The movie itself is an absolute triumph of the Sci-Fi genre. A movie like this will long be remembered. "The Terminator" will be back!... Full review
A Great Sci-Fi flick
Dec 12, 2008
schmiz_master3000 -
This is a really good movie. You can obviously see it was on a tight budget, but I think James Cameron really used creativity, instead of money to solve the problem.(One of the only times he did considering Titanic.)Overall it was... Full review
i'll be back !
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 -
unique movie of its kind it's thrilling and also great technically that goes in the same line of the scary and the suspenseful make you unable to guess the end.... Full review
Yes, he'll be back
Oct 09, 2008
okiereviewer -
I first saw this movie on HBO. This was back when HBO actually showed first run movies. There was nothing else worth watching at 7:00 that night so I thought, “I’ll watch this for 30 minutes and then change to something... Full review
Sep 25, 2008
rosaayala1 -
I enjoy this movie gives you chills plus it's amazing.This movie was original,action packed, futuristic, and imaginable,,superb cast,great effects and the best director and not to mention a classic.Highly recommend the best movie ever.Love it!!!... Full review
A Great Action Sci-Fi...
Sep 16, 2008
dashrendaar -
One heck of a joyride. One of the best time travel stories too. It has solid action, and respectable visuals for its time. Some of the acting can be cheesey at times, however it actually works for this film. James Cameron's... Full review
a classic.
Sep 04, 2008
m_tunney -
a very classic movie. i loved it. it was entertaining,and the visuals were good for its time(some of them are awfully dated and some are still sort of impressive). a great movie.... Full review
Poor child actors
Sep 01, 2008
george11672 -
This had potential to be a great movie but as I watched I couldn't get over the screechy, whining voice of John Connor.... Full review
terminator schwarzenegger
Aug 08, 2008
antmanf1996 -
the terminator is a non stop action. it has some of the best actors in it i would recmmond it. i like the robots.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 23, 2009
this movie is amazing.....Thanks to his keen eye for a successful story, Cameron's films break box-office records....Almost 20 years later the film is just as good as it was on opening day.....this movie is just kind of fun..... ... Full Review
| Dec 17, 2009
this movie is amazing.....Perhaps Cameron's vision of an apocalyptic battle between machine and man wasn't as improbable as it seemed.....Almost 20 years later the film is just as good as it was on opening day.....this movie is just kind of fun.....Thanks to his keen eye for a successful story, Cameron's films break box-office records.... ... Full Review
| Jun 25, 2009
Bale delivers Salvation for Terminator series....Perhaps with a few dud lines here and there and with some poor or hasty editing, Salvation is not without its flaws.....Danny Elfman's aggressive score is fitting for a stark, sepia-toned nightmarescape where the fight for human survival is paramount.....engaging descent into the would-be future of the human race, weighing in some spectacular fight scenes and jaw-dropping special effect sequences..... ... Full Review
| Jun 19, 2009
Eye Weekly
But Lady Terminator 's tacky magnificence also signifies outward:....Turkish Star Wars has nothing on Lady Terminator , a brilliantly demented Indonesian Xerox of James Cameron's canonical tech-noir.... ... Full Review
| Jun 02, 2009
most classic sci-fi films are in fact twists on old genres.....Movie lovers lamented the announcement....Yelchin further cements his 'future Edward Norton' status, adding a solid performance that's remarkably like Michael Beihn's portrayal.....Nonetheless, excitable Charlie's Angels director McG was put in the director's chair and an impressive cast assembled.... ... Full Review


London, Aug 17 (ANI): The company which holds the rights to Hollywood movie series 'The Terminator' has objected to another firm's plans of making the sci-fi franchise's 3D remake. ... Full Article

Soon, very soon now, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be leaving office. He won't be able to run again either, thanks to term limits. And since a run for the White House is out of the question for the non-U.S.... ... Full Article

At what point do you gracefully walk away from a franchise? Is it even possible anymore? I hate the current creative climate in Hollywood. Even though I saw a sequel tonight that is as good or better than any original... ... Full Article

Pacificor LLC announced today that it has retained William Morris Endeavor Entertainment to represent the company in the sale of all rights to the iconic "Terminator" franchise. ... Full Article

Like Cinematical's own Jessica Barnes, I've long had a thing for Michael Biehn . (Read her take on Biehn as Hicks in Aliens here .) ... Full Article

When it comes to time travel, Hollywood has never been short on ideas for jumping to the past, present and future. From burning rubber in the stylish silver DeLorean of "Back to the Future" fame to Arnold Schwarzenegger's electric orb... ... Full Article

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