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User Reviews

In One Word: Shocking!
Feb 17, 2008
ccthemovieman-1 -
This was a powerful and shocking movie, at least for people who see a lot of classic films, including movies from the '30s. I haven't seen this in quite a while but I never forgot seeing a nude Claudette Colbert... Full review
There's more here than meets the eye...
Jan 10, 2008
george stachnik -
I watched Sign of the Cross last night with my church's Bible Study group. This was the third time I've seen this film. It's an interesting movie, if not a great one, but I think it's one of DeMille's most underrated... Full review
An epic which is still just as powerful today.
Dec 03, 2007
L. Denis Brown -
This was Demille's third major religious epic (following The Ten Commandments 1923 and The King of Kings 1927) and it was far more controversial than its predecessors. By 1932 he had honed his skills in providing a highly moral story line... Full review
The Wages of Sin are Quite Entertaining
Jun 07, 2007
dglink -
Cecil B. DeMille was famous for the excesses he depicted on screen, and "The Sign of the Cross" has enough excess for a dozen movies by any other director. Fortunately, DeMille loved to detail the debauchery that warranted divine punishment, because... Full review
Crazy Pre-Code Production From Master DeMille
Apr 24, 2007
Hal-900 -
DeMille is a director whose work has always managed to fascinate me. I don't think most of his films are of high artistic quality but I cannot deny that he is a very interesting filmmaker. This early talkie supports my... Full review
Great film! Sex and blood and ancient Rome.
Sep 27, 2006
VeganZombie -
If all you know about Cecil B. DeMille is the great, but hokey "Ten Commandments." then do yourself a favor and rent "Sign of the Cross." This is a pre-code film, meaning that it has sex, violence, cynicism -- all... Full review
The Sign Of The Cross (1932) ***1/2
Jul 09, 2005
After having missed out on it twice on Italian TV as a kid, I finally managed to watch Cecil B. De Mille's THE SIGN OF THE CROSS. The plot line is very similar to that of "Quo Vadis?", a novel... Full review
A comment on the original 1932 version.Pagan Rome, the third night of the great fire. Emperor Nero (Charles Laughton) unjustly condemns Christians of burning the eternal city and sentences many of them to martyrdom. He does not realize that through... Full review
"Quo Vadis" + DeMille = "The Sign of the Cross"
Apr 11, 2004
retro_gal -
Whereas "The Sign of the Cross" minus DeMille leaves the ponderous "Quo Vadis?" This is a Biblical extravaganza the way only DeMille could have fashioned then, and I daresay, now and probably even into the future, anybody would be hard... Full review
Wonderful film
Mar 16, 2004
GlLee -
First, this film is high camp. One need only know some of the backstage events to know that all the actors had a great deal of fun in making the film. March tells in his biography that Claudette Colbert spurned... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 07, 2008
The New York Times
He tried to direct Laughton, but it was impossible. In other words, he gives what is the most flagrant and fleshy portrait of an abandoned homosexual spirit seen in an American film until that time. ... Full Review
| May 23, 2006
DVD Talk
his silent movies were lavish spectacles and sophisticated sex comedies.....his pre-code sex & martyrdom Sign of the Cross is one of those crazy pictures that has to be seen to be believed.....It's a 1932 sound movie but the acting is firmly in the expressionist mold, almost like Metropolis :....they become more enthusiastic about the film's Bible messages.....We come to tell the truth about Cecil B. DeMille, not to praise him..... ... Full Review
| Apr 04, 2004
Like many DeMille movies, it isn't exactly what you would call "good," but it is entertaining - though only when Laughton and Colbert are on screen. TCM unveils a two-part documentary salute to a great filmmaker, and greater showman, with Cecil B. DeMille: An American Epic (8 p.m. ... Full Review


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