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User Reviews

Good cast,good film..
Feb 11, 2007
ivan_abate -
The rookie is a good film...the cast is memorable(Eastwood,Sheen,Julia)the acting is good,the direction is good.The story is not original but Eastwood is perfect in this role..... Full review
By and large, Clint Eastwood has upheld remarkable quality control throughout his film career. Throughout the decades, he has persistently made films that are hugely entertaining but also sometimes make a serious point. Like a lot of people however, he... Full review
A Subpar Clint Flick!!!
Apr 14, 2006
bubbagump258 -
Nick Pulovski (Clint Eastwood) is a auto theft division cop who hasn't done anything really big in his life. When the opportunity comes along for him to bring down the biggest man in the chop shop business he goes after him... Full review
The Rookie
Jan 02, 2006
hemispheredancerus -
Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen team up to track down stolen cars in Los Angeles. This story had a lot of potential, but fluttered out quickly. Clint did his usual tough guy performance. Charlie played a bad boy spoiled cop. Raul... Full review
Sweet Movie
Aug 08, 2005
jmac33208 -
Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen & Raul Julia Led The Way In This Action Movie. Sheen Is A Rookie Cop Named David Ackerman Who Gets Assigned As Nick Pulovski's(Eastwood) Partner And Together They Must Take Down The Scumbag Who Killed Pulovski's Partner... Full review
How did Clint let this happen?
Aug 08, 2005
mojorising_you -
After seeing all the Dirty Harry films, you'd think a film directed by Clint after them would be outstanding. Quite the contrary. This movie had all the tired cliche's and the acting was poor. Just a bad story, poor direction and... Full review
sweet movie
Aug 08, 2005
shockey80isabeast -
Sheen & Eastwood together on the screen means one thing a kickass movie with a lot of action. This movie is highly underrated for clint and should get better recognition.... Full review
A rookie cop learns to cross the line.
May 17, 2005
Michael O'Keefe -
Not just another Clint Eastwood movie. Of course, Clint directs and stars as Nick Pulovski, a veteran cop assigned to the auto theft division. But his own agenda is to find the criminal that killed his partner. To his dismay,... Full review
nothing we've never seen before, but still fun
Apr 09, 2003
shakey_jake53 -
This movie is a very standard cop buddy action film. A veteran cop is assigned to work with a rookie cop to catch a crook who killed the vet's old partner. This is so standard of action film's but that... Full review
Should you check this movie out? Why the hell not?
Aug 18, 2002
mattymatt4ever -
"The Rookie" may not be heavy on plot or even very original, but it's a blast! Lots of cool action, lots of cool stunts and a consistently energetic pace that never takes a beat. Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen make... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 07, 1990
Washington Post
The Rookie" is like one of those maddening, waking dreams when you spend the whole night thrashing in bed while tediously repetitive images batter your racing brain. Take Lara Flynn Boyle (please). ... Full Review

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
The Rookie is a good twenty minutes longer than it really needed to be Perhaps he should have just made the entire thing a complete lark and stripped out all pretense of seriousness, and we might be looking at a better film here. ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
Sheen keeps a poker face and laconic voice through much of the movie, and doesn't generate the kind of vigor and intensity the role needs; a more nervous actor might have been a better choice. That leaves the stunts and special effects. ... Full Review

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
The Rookie is a truly poor movie The Rookie is a good twenty minutes longer than it really needed to be It does feature an interesting array of actors, although some of them are not really cast well. ... Full Review

Movies that Bang!
Eastwood is a marvel in his old age and he delivers in a worthwhile outing, but, come on, he's been doing the likable curmudgeon the same way and with the same furrow browed, twinkle eyed half smile since he reluctantly "trained" Charlie Sheen in 1990's The Rookie. ... Full Review


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