The Rocky Horror Picture Show


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User Reviews

Jan 23, 2009
pinkfloydthewall2007 -
I loved this movie! It was great! I used to be in Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast a long time ago. Had a lot of friends. Good times, great fun!... Full review
Sweet Transvestite From Transsexual Transylvania!!
Dec 27, 2008
jordanpowell2003 -
I received this as a Christmas present, and I thought it was pretty good. My favorite was Dr. Frank N. Furter. It was awesome to see Tim Curry dressed as a transvestite and I loved the song he sang about being... Full review
this movie
Nov 18, 2008
saracorona -
is the best musical of all is not for most people but those who love strange dark and fun musicals will enjoy this movie...... Full review
I loved it!!!
Oct 18, 2008
tigerw96 -
I saw it last year on Halloween and I loved that movie. It was a little strange though but I thought It was one of the coolest movies Ive ever seen!!!... Full review
A middle-class young couple, motoring in the country on their wedding night, have car trouble in front of a huge mansion… Wanting to use the phone, the two approach the house and go in just as its master, Dr. Frank N.... Full review
the cult classic lives on
Oct 02, 2008
redheaven18 -
this movie is a great movie great story great acting and great direction and i hear they are coming out and mtv is doing it and first time i heard it i was mad so i searched a lot about it... Full review
What a Disappointment
Sep 30, 2008
predalien453 -
I was expecting something really good from all the hype from everyone, but this movie was extremely weird, boring, and the music was terrible. All of the characters are annoying and unlikeable. I say skip it, unless you love musicals.... Full review
The Horror!! Why would u make this!?!?
Aug 22, 2008
arutin1 -
worst movie ever, movies dont get worse than this. im calling guinness. id rather swallow my own eyeballs than watch another 3 seconds of this nonsence... Full review
Hot Patootie {Bless My Soul}
Jun 27, 2008
fategirl80 -
I have The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25 Years of Absolute Pleasure on DVD and the only that I liked in The Rocky Horror Picture Show was Meat Loaf and the Characters that I liked were Eddie, Columbia, Magenta, Riff Raff,... Full review
rocky horror picture show
Jun 21, 2008
elij1016 -
the worst movie of all time;Now i have to see the movie. but all of my freinds saw it and said it was horible and it ****** *** (bad words) and all my friends are watching me right now... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 06, 2008
Film Journal International
The film's irresistibly odd premise goes something like this: Set in the year 2056, Repo! ... Full Review
| Aug 15, 2008
I love when the sh*t hits the fan and it looks like we're in for a treat with MTV's remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, which just found financing this week . Sky announced on Wednesday that Lou Adler, executive producer on the original film, would return in the same role, while O'Brien would co-produce. ... Full Review
| Aug 14, 2008
Sharman, who directed the original film, also felt the time is right for a new version. More than 30 years after the original film version they are teaming up with the film's executive producer, Lou Adler. ... Full Review
| Aug 13, 2008
The Guardian
The new version, financed by Sky and MTV in the US, will be overseen by the original film's executive producer, Lou Adler. Richard O'Brien, who wrote the original stage show on which the film was based and starred in the movie, will co-produce the remake. ... Full Review
| Aug 13, 2008
Daily Star, UK
Those new fans and old alike will return to the original film to enjoy and participate with the exceptional and timeless performances of Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Susan Sarandon and the entire cast. The original Rocky Horror, released in 1975, starred Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, O'Brien, Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf. ... Full Review


Lea Michele (Rachel): "I'm so excited to do it. If Rachel ends up doing the Susan Sarandon role that would be really cool!" Cory Monteith (Finn): "I might be in some Brad briefs, let's put it that way. ... Full Article

Never one to pass up a good campy movie ( Hairspray ), a remake of a good campy movie ( Hairspray ) or some spirited rounds of the Time Warp , I was a bit shocked at my own visceral... ... Full Article

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