The Princess Bride


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User Reviews

It has it all.
Dec 12, 2008
sunstarmedic -
Recently watched with my 9 year old son. He sat through it with out up. Not bad for a movie that's basically a love story.... Full review
Classically funny for its time
Nov 29, 2008
firedude9189 -
As time progresses, usually movies of the old generation are taken as relatively inferior. This movie, however, makes one believe in the franchises of the past. The movie was not only funny but entertaining. Funny in a pointless way.... Full review
stop that i mean it!! anybody want a peanut ?
Nov 21, 2008
feej76 -
A must own wether you have kids or not. great cast, great moments, this movie is timeless. A resource for some of the coolest quotes from a film ever. robin wright-penn, cary elwes, andre the giant ( cast perfectly ) mandy... Full review
Nov 13, 2008
kmsc4 -
I've only seen this movie once, and it's awesome! I never remember movie quotes, but I still remember, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." I love that part. One of the BEST movies EVER!... Full review
So Funny!
Oct 03, 2008
stacey_2478 -
This movie is one of my favorite childhood memories...absolutely hysterical after all these years. Maybe you too could learn to live in the Fire Swamp "quite comfortably."... Full review
Fun Movie
Sep 19, 2008
r_rants -
This is a classic that can be watched over and over again. Our whole family enjoys it. Good date night flick or rainy Saturday afternoon movie.... Full review
Very awesome! Not like the book though...
Aug 01, 2008
hannah0772 -
This movie is absolutely fabulous! I love it! It is really funny. But, do not expect it to be like the book, I found it quite different. The book is kind of funny, but the movie seemed to use the book... Full review
Well made goofiness
Jul 16, 2008
dogorangetexas -
In spite of its few drawbacks, The Princess Bride still is a refreshing twist on the fantasy genre throughout the film.... Full review
a little better than its title
Jul 14, 2008
lance_lijewski_jesusfreak64 -
The Princess Bride is an amazing movie that should be a classic.It is a little cheaply made but its still really good.I recommend you see it atleast once.... Full review
Jun 24, 2008
andreadaschner -
i actully though this movie was pretty good i my self am not a movie person so i thougt it ws pretty good!!!!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 27, 2009
you will not only love the movie, The Princess Bride....In 1987, director Rob Reiner created a funny, lovable, adventurous fairy tale called The Princess Bride .....The Princess Bride, starring Robin Penn Wright (Forrest Gump), Cary Elwes (X-files) and host of other talented actors has become one of the most oft quoted movies of all times..... ... Full Review
| May 27, 2009
you will not only love the movie, The Princess Bride....In 1987, director Rob Reiner created a funny, lovable, adventurous fairy tale called The Princess Bride.....If you happen to like satire with a touch of tenderness, parody with sincerity.... ... Full Review
| Apr 15, 2009
Check out these websites to purchase this enchanting movie.....This film is a magical fairytale that will take you on adventures that will make you laugh.... ... Full Review
| Apr 09, 2009
it transcends my life and I think it will continue to.....I think that is probably why I have selected "The Princess Bride" as my favorite movie....the movie was going to be clean and exciting.....I loved how the love story got off to a fast start.... ... Full Review
| Mar 19, 2009
You'll Truly Love The Princess Bride....The story is a wonderful fanciful fairy tale -....In 1987 Rob Reiner directed "The Princess Bride", a fantastic adventure film all about the rough course of true love.....which is both it's genius and it's potential undoing..... ... Full Review


'I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.' Really, McG? Are we actually doing this? You're telling me that Willow is better than The Princess Bride? ... Full Article

Question by Josh-Inuysha-Dude! : Between The Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men in Tights, & Man in the Iron Mask? And I'm actually talking about the version of Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DeCaprio! ... Full Article

Posted by: PuppetMaster Time for another fun contest. This go around you can win Princess Bride on DVD as well as a SIGNED animation print from the upcoming game. ... Full Article

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