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User Reviews

THA HOT *****
Jul 04, 2008
terica.davis -
A Scary Creepy Film!
Feb 12, 2008
jordanpowell2003 -
I remember my cousin had me watch this movie about 4 years ago, and I thought it was pretty good. These guys are planning on robbing a house, then the house has booby traps set up by the owners. I remember... Full review
worst movie
Feb 04, 2008
cyberboy_3118 -
This is one of the worst movies, i dont know why i ever started to watch this movie... worst story... no sense... totally timewaste...... Full review
a very classic scary movie
Dec 26, 2007
ritak23 -
I am 23 and saw this movie when i was 15, i loved it then adn until this day do still love it.. It is scary but also very enjoyable.. not scary enough to where you have to cover your eyes... Full review
Dec 26, 2007
atekken5 -
This movie has never scared me, even at four years old. It is very difficult to find a flaw in this movie but I may suggest a aftermath to the movie. This movie had mystery, scary scenes, funny scenes, dramatic scenes,... Full review
Not bad, not good, entertaining but too long.
Dec 26, 2007
f0t0z00m -
I thought this movie was okay. The story was unique for a horror flick. An idea taken from the news, psycho parents lock kids in house, except these trapped kids turn into semi deformed monsters. Scary concept especially if your a... Full review
Best Wes Craven Movie!!!
Dec 26, 2007
rickrh88 -
The People Under The Stairs was a really good horror movie. I watched it all of the time when i was a little kid, and i still watch it. This movie is the best Wes Craven movie, in my opinon. I... Full review
Masterpiece in its own way
Dec 26, 2007
davis1480 -
Wes Craven does it again! Horrific, yet realisitic storyline, great visuals that really show the true essence of violence. The acting could be better, but that is only one flaw out of many positive things. A movie to remember... Full review
piece of unwanted rat waste
Dec 26, 2007
tenorplay -
The whole point of the movie was to be as bloody as possible with no point whatsoever. I really hated this movie that much the whole people under the stairs concept was awful and it made absolutly no sense at all.... Full review
Dec 26, 2007
victims07 -
when i seen the movie i was 7yrs old i ain't never seen anything like it i love that movie it's my numba 1 movie of all time can't no movie top "the people under the stairs" theres no in hell... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 19, 2004
The social commentary is powerful stuff, and quite refreshing to find in an otherwise straightforward horror picture.....Things like suddenly crawling across a roof in one of the most ridiculous scenes ever conceived....There are many moments where Craven inserts some silly sequences to try and lighten the mood.....Craven wrote the screenplay for this film.....Some moments are disturbing.... ... Full Review
| Oct 07, 2003
DVD Talk
There isn't much humor to be had in The People Under the Stairs , but the few jokes in the film feel as if they are aimed squarely at a 13 year old audience. The stereo effects on the track are very well-defined, and there is bass effects are handled nicely, but the surround effects are basically non-existent. ... Full Review
| Mar 01, 2002
While no ones likely to champion The People Under the Stairs as Wes Cravens greatest film, this is arguably the best of his lesser efforts. The People Under the Stairs is nowhere near as good as either of those filmsbut it is a lot better, and deeper, than youd expect a mainstream horror film to be. ... Full Review

Urban Cinefile
The People Under The Stairs is driven by similar thematic concerns but is too reliant on comic relief and heavy-handed metaphors to succeed as the political horror film its creator intended. This is far from Craven's finest hour but a rental is worth it to satisfy your curiosity. ... Full Review


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