The Patriot


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User Reviews

Amazing movie
Jan 20, 2009
astropaul -
I loved this movie it was one of the best movies ive ever seen it talks about a mans family who is getting torn apart from war but eventually come together in the end it is an amazing patriotic movie and... Full review
An odd combination of family values and violence
Jan 04, 2009
baypacman -
Hollywood seems to be interested in marketing its action films these days as historical dramas. The Patriot is a clear example of this trend. The story and characters in The Patriot are pure hollywood (in the worst possible way) and it... Full review
The Patriot Review
Dec 27, 2008
syndrome2008 -
this movie the Patriot is a great shot I gave it an A because of the Outstanding acting by Mel Gibson in a Revolotionary war movie with strong visual effects it is one of my favorites.for a 2000 movie I loved... Full review
Dec 22, 2008
im_a_fruitfly94 -
this was the best movie ive ever seeeen. PLUS heath ledger is really hot. may he rest in peace. I love the story and the dramatic ending. This movie has changed my point of view of movies... Full review
"The Patriot"
Dec 05, 2008
scottishknighthood -
The patriot, in my own personal opinion is one of greatest movies ever made. The story is outstanding and the acting of mel gibson is par excellence. A movie worth collecting. A movie worth watching over abd over again!... Full review
Another point to consider...
Dec 01, 2008
rickyfan3956 -
I, along with probably everyone else here, am a fan of this movie. I think Mel Gibson did a fantastic job with it, as did all of the adult actors in it. But what really made it over the top for... Full review
Memorable But...
Nov 29, 2008
acgslucy -
Full of lot's of action, it kept my interest, I can say that. The acting was mediocre, except for Mel Gibson. I can truthfully say that I felt like he was reading off of cue cards, especially during the long speeches.... Full review
Martin review
Nov 27, 2008
robotnickthedan -
This is one of my favorite war movies where it's based on a real American war. I like the story where Ben and the US Army fight the British to stop them from taking the land. I also like the people... Full review
This movie is amazing!
Nov 25, 2008
thefreshwaterfish -
I know I am a bit late reviewing this movie. It has only be out for EIGHT years! But, I am watching it right now and had to give my two cents. I think this is one of the BEST war... Full review
Oct 15, 2008
crazy_jd_62 -
This is one of the best movies in my opinion. Great acting jobs, Great story, great every thing. I dont know anyone who dosnt like this movie... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 24, 2008
an entertaining, uplifting popcorn flick.... ... Full Review
| Feb 25, 2008
Film School Rejects
The movie has looked amazing from the very first trailer, and the longer one they showed here continues that impression.....there's definitely a place in film for that kind of entertainment.....Emmerich was joined onstage by the lovely....This new footage made me even more interested as the spectacle was coupled with a stronger sense of story..... ... Full Review
| Jun 23, 2007
DVD Town
Despite its 175 minutes (10 of them added for this Extended Cut release, presumably such things as axes in foreheads), "The Patriot" feels like a historical shortcut, a patchwork quilt with a few homilies stitched in. Many others did, but I never got past the sense that these were actors acting in a drama that was trying awfully hard to be epic. ... Full Review
| Mar 27, 2007, Ireland
Instead of attempting a truly great film about the most pivotal years of American history, Emmerich settles for a standard revenge plot with the Revolutionary War as an incidental backdrop. Aimed directly at a mainstream audience, The Patriot qualifies as respectable entertainment, but anyone expecting a definitive drama about the American Revolution should look elsewhere. ... Full Review
| Aug 17, 2006
Time Out
And, if that won't do, you can always make them up, as Sony did for its turgid 2001 Mel Gibson epic, 'The Patriot' . Quotes can be trimmed to change the meaning: 'I laughed so much I nearly wet myself [at the ludicrously shallow characterisation in this unwatchable film]. ... Full Review


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