The Parent Trap


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User Reviews

Better than the original
Dec 09, 2008
hahnl -
I rarely think a sequel is better than the first. But it was. Lohan was really good and Dennis Quaid was great. See it. You will not be disappointed.... Full review
The Parent Trap Review
Jul 17, 2008
mmayfield -
This version of the Parent Trap was a lot better than the other one. This version was a lot of fun compared to the other verison. This version was upbeat and the story line was a lot more understandable.... Full review
Really good
Jun 27, 2008
coop_1096 -
When I saw The Parent Trap I thought it was good. I thought it was a really good movie. It was pretty good. I liked it. So overall it was good.... Full review
Lindsay plays Double!
Jun 27, 2008
TennesseeT -
In this new remake of the Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan plays double. Annie James, who is a mature english girl living with her mother in Londan and Halley Parker, who is a mischievious girl living with her dad in Napa. In... Full review
Lindsay plays Double!
Jun 27, 2008
tatatomato -
In this new remake of the Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan plays double. Annie James, who is a mature english girl living with her mother in Londan and Halley Parker, who is a mischievious girl living with her dad in Napa. In... Full review
Ummm. . . .
Jun 19, 2008
abdeyah -
. . .why would parents agree to never see one of their kids again? This movie, in the words on Lindsay Lohan in the movie, "sucks."... Full review
Doesn't stand up to the original
Jun 19, 2008
dabbears777 -
How can anyone try to top Miss Mills and her classic work that she did in the original? Just comparing the two, there was so much more to see and fun to be had in the first movie which did not... Full review
May 30, 2008
ryanlijewski -
I think the parent trap is A great movie for kids. I think linsy lohan is A good actor and A pretty 1.... Full review
A Disney Classic
May 29, 2008
surfandsun818 -
This movie is a pure example of how Disney has been able to take classics and turn them into greater classics. The story from camp to the camping trip was clear and understandable. The acting would seem like a challenge for... Full review
As Good As The First !
May 09, 2008
mannyac02 -
I never thought a remake would be as classic as the original but Lohan made you fall in love with the story all over again. They kept it original and still added to the story well. Loved it!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 08, 2010
Her movie Labour Pains went straight to TV.....That 1998 movie raked in the dollars and Lindsay's charming performance led to further critically acclaimed roles in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.....Aside from that upheaval, Lindsay lurched from one disaster to the next.....These days bisexual Lindsay is far more famous for her stormy romances and erratic lifestyle than for her acting..... ... Full Review
| Sep 11, 2008
Urban Cinefile
But perhaps, like their adult counterparts, children need to be educated in the art of detailed storytelling, and on that level, this Parent Trap works beautifully. What is particularly special about Parent Trap, is that it is a family film that doesn't condescend in any way. ... Full Review
| Aug 01, 2008
Boxoffice Magazine
Lohan handles playing against herself with aplomb (while also nailing a very credible Brit accent) and the special effects make the twin scenes flow seamlessly together.....Quaid and Richardson spark nicely (although in some of the comedy bits Richardson is distractingly reminiscent of Emma Thompson), and Hendrix is devilishly loathsome..... ... Full Review
| May 31, 2005
DVD MovieGuide
The Parent Trap: Special Double Trouble Edition (1998) Trap isnt a bad movie on its own, but it has little reason to exist and doesnt stand Music was the strongest element, as the score and songs displayed lively, peppy tones. ... Full Review
| May 17, 2005
DVD Town
The first film was a minor family classic;....I actually like Quaid in these lighter parts more than in the heroic ones he's played....In the new film the twins are both played by Lindsay Lohan, again using split screens, special effects, and body doubles.....he's a charismatic fellow in anything..... ... Full Review


Jul 27, 2010 at 10:21 am by Emily Hugh Laurie, the best star of the best show on television, is clearly not just an actor. ... Full Article

How does Nina feel about playing both Elena and her 19 th century doppelg?nger in the same scenes? "I will have to ask for a second pay check," kids the 21-year-old, who as a child marveled over Lindsay Lohan 's... ... Full Article

Life for Lohan isn't like her movies. In "The Parent Trap," Lohan was able to be in two places at once, but that isn't the case in reality. ... Full Article

Dauman Music proud to showcase its newest breakout sensation Jackie Seibert. Dauman Music, who has become a prominent force on the Billboard charts, is proud to showcase its newest breakout sensation Jackie Seibert. ... Full Article

Revel could send Lohan, 24, to jail for up to six months if she decides that the actress did not comply with the requirement to attend weekly alcohol counseling sessions. ... Full Article

(CNN) -- There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was considered one of the most promising actresses of her generation. No, really. In 2006, The New York Times ran a profile of her at 19, and she was already a... ... Full Article

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