The Others


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User Reviews

Nov 03, 2008
lolosdagogo -
wow. Thats the only word fitting for this movie. Throughout the first portion of the movie, you think you know everything that is going on, but later on the movie, you realize that you really do not know what is happening... Full review
Worst Film Ever
May 31, 2008
angelbaby08701 -
The movie made no sense at all. It was like the Sixth Sense on Cocaine. I think who ever thought of this movie was smoking somthing. Only a crack Feen would enjoy this. The ending was so stupid its not even... Full review
The Others Was.....
Apr 04, 2008
btn3995 -
The others wasnt the best movie I've seen. This movie looked scary, but really wasnt I gave i a C, The plot wasnt the best and the actors were good. Overall not to good... Full review
One of the best horror thrillers yet!
Mar 19, 2008
nicolekidman_rocks -
I usually don't go for films of the horror/thriller genre, but since this one had Nicole Kidman, I went for it. I must say that this movie is one of the most unique of its kind. Another horror thriller which I... Full review
More intense than the Sixth Sense!!
Feb 25, 2008
mtchll_edwards -
A perfect mix of mood and atmosphere followed by a great preformance by Nicole Kidman make this one of the most thrilling spook shows since the Sixth Sense with a similar shocking twist at the end! The direction and score also... Full review
*Sooner or Later, they will find you*
Feb 06, 2008
kristian_boy4life -
This movie Sizzles with suspense, shocks and surprises that will leave you guessing until the wicked, twisted ending comes. Nicole Kidman was pitch perfect for this movie, an oscar-worthy performance!!! If you liked "The Sixth Sense", you will love this one!!! Full review
This is one creepy movie!!
Jan 25, 2008
jarrid_king47 -
When I saw this movie, I really like it. I was scarred throughout the whole movie. It was a very suspenseful movie. I think that the best part of the movie was the ending!!! VERY UNEXPECTED!!! I would recommend this movie... Full review
A spooky good time
Jan 18, 2008
dogorangetexas -
The Others does wear thin as it goes along, but with its chilling flow and creepy performances, it finds a way to be mildly pleasing.... Full review
Dec 27, 2007
cheese_vixen -
A memorable movie that kept me guessing the entire time. Even after watching this movie over 10 times I still sqeemishly jolt from my seat at every surprising turn this Nicole takes. The music an foggy haze only made this movie... Full review
Dec 16, 2007
govtagent_2001 -
I think this is Nichole Kidmans best film yet since the interpter I think she did a good job in this movie... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Mar 16, 2009
It's delicious up to this point as Grace goes on a search for those she believes are hiding in the house.....The rest of the cast is outstanding....To her credit, Nicole Kidman played the part of a British housewife (Grace) after World War II perfectly..... ... Full Review
| Mar 16, 2009
they all seem to work very well together.As the movie goes on, three servants arrive at the house.....It's delicious up to this point as Grace goes on a search for those she believes are hiding in the house.I mean it.....The rest of the cast is outstanding....This was getting off to a great start.To her credit, Nicole Kidman played the part of a British housewife (Grace) after World War II perfectly..... ... Full Review
| Sep 12, 2008
Times of India
Also, the film may be Bhatt's most brilliant film till date in terms of its cinematography but lacks originality in terms of direction and story telling. 1920 still ends up being a fair watch for three reasons - newcomer Adah Sharma's brilliant performance, scary background score by Salim Sulaiman and the film's finesse in art direction and cinematography department ... Full Review
| Dec 28, 2007
If you're looking for parallels, it's much closer in mood and spirit (ha! First of these, perhaps, is the fact that "The Orphanage" is a careful, elegant work that looks a little rough around the edges; it was shot largely with natural light and employs minimal special effects. ... Full Review
| May 03, 2005, NY
But by that point it's worth hanging on to see where the film takes you. The film takes place entirely in a mansion on the Channel Islands in 1945 where Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two children Anne and Nicholas (the precocious Akakina Mann and the believably naive James Bentley) live in complete darkness. ... Full Review


When you are passionate about film as an art form and a vibrant, visceral form of expression, this summer's weak collection of bad comedies, disappointing tent pole films and assorted other by-the-numbers flicks provided about as much nourishment as day... ... Full Article

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Report Violation hahahahahaha (4 days ago)
this movie was very crazy!!!!! But it was really good to watch
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