The Notebook


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User Reviews

The Amzing Lovestory
Jan 30, 2009
royanaghepour -
The amazing extravaganza of a movie is life altering, it describes the passion that these two people have for each other! It shows that they will be willing to go through anything just to be with each other, and it shows... Full review
Life and Love
Jan 25, 2009
jlschneiderlueken1974 -
The Notebook is a great movie. This movie shows how love does not lessen with distance and with time. Noah truely loved Allie, and he was willing to give her all of his love and a wonderful home. Noah lived his... Full review
The Notebook!
Jan 23, 2009
hoffmannalex -
Definitely one of my favorite love movies. Two young actors greatly portrayed the characters in this uniquely tear-jerking love story.... Full review
Jan 18, 2009
chergarh1 -
I think this movie is the perfect love story between two people from both sides of the railroad track. I love how it was recaptured through a note book reading that kept the viewer anticipating the next part of the story.... Full review
The Magic Of Love
Jan 17, 2009
elvaball -
My personal option is that the movie was well produce. The actors/actress were great. You couldn't have picked better actor/actress for this movie. The performance was outstanding. It makes all of us fall in love all over again. My husband and... Full review
Jan 17, 2009
xoxo.claire94 -
They have great chemistry. Their acting is amazing. It is such a great love story. There are so many memorable quotes from this movie. If you have not already seen it you for sure should especially if you like love stories... Full review
This is the best movie ever
Jan 09, 2009
tasha176 -
I love to watch movies were people fall in love and this one just takes a shocking turn! Love It BIG TIME!!!!... Full review
Jan 07, 2009
angels19720 -
Seen the movie so many times and my reaction is always the same, fantastic. It makes me realize what we have should not be taken for granted. Each moment is as precious as the next. Not everyone gets a second chance... Full review
Absolute Trash!!
Jan 04, 2009
luvu2dend -
There has never been a movie that made me more angry than this one. It was over the top corny, mushy and unrealistic. Absolutely no depth to the story, and the characters are not well developed. The dialogs between the characters... Full review
a decent chick flick
Jan 04, 2009
admin -
after you see where the movie is becomes a drag. but it was fairly entertaining. a standard chick flick in my book. there a lots that are better. the acting towards the end began to degenerate.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 02, 2010
that liked the movie The Notebook , pick up the book.....The characters are authentic, the plot is fantastic yet not unbelievable.... ... Full Review
| Jun 26, 2009
Los Angeles Times
Those disconnected voices floating over director of photography Caleb Deschanel's beautifully evocative images give the film an unsettling, almost music video feel.....what becomes the ethical core of the film, Anna says no dice.... ... Full Review
| Jun 25, 2009
Montreal Gazette
and no matter how silly this movie becomes, the pain is always palpable.....As the larger dimensions of the picture emerge, we realize My Sister's Keeper is not going to be your average dying-child movie.... ... Full Review
| Apr 13, 2009
The storyline is beautiful; is poignant and has the potential of awakening the hope we all have of finding true love.... ... Full Review
| Apr 13, 2009
The storyline is beautiful; is poignant and has the potential of awakening the hope we all have of finding true love.... ... Full Review


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