The Mighty


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User Reviews

The Mighty
Sep 19, 2008
bentampa -
Great book and fantasic representation of it in the movie!!! IF you aren't moved by this story, you have no heart.... Full review
Best Movie Ever
Apr 17, 2008
des_1993 -
Of course the book is always better than the movie. But you should watch the movie and read the book they are both TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!... Full review
A VERY GOOD movie!!
Apr 17, 2008
wood5799 -
I am a 12 year old girl who is in 7th grade. I read the book in my reading class, and just saw the movie and I thought it was GREAT!! I liked it because it really explained the friendship between... Full review
The Best
Apr 17, 2008
edbel2001 -
This Film.. it's beyond me how it never won awards! The story, the acting, the direction, it had it all. You Must watch this film!... Full review
Perfect for Young Teens
Apr 17, 2008
ammessmer73 -
What a great story about friendship and being yourself! Kids these days need more movies like these depicting kids simply being kids...going on "quests" and finding themselves in the mean time. There are definitely a lot of things these particular kids... Full review
Surprised by this one!!
Apr 17, 2008
brandonh72 -
Surprised by this one!! What a refreshing story! This is a great, fun story with a lot of good themes of shilvery, honor, loyalty, courage, friendship and so much more. This is a great family film that all ages will enjoy.... Full review
very touching movie
Oct 31, 2007
a_ok_2005_2006 -
It is a great movie about how friendship can overcome obstacles and boundaries. First their is a big kid who is labled as "slow" and who has seen his mom killed by his dad. 2nd their is another kid who is... Full review
The Mighty
Oct 31, 2007
retiredjane2002 -
An excellent movie in every respect but mostly it is the story that grabs you. For preteens this is a must see. The story about the friendship is outstanding. The movie helps portray positive values, strong friendship, and the triumph of... Full review
Aug 23, 2007
pashaking007 -
one of the finest movies i have seen. its definitely in my top ten fav list. culkin was good but henson, to me, was unbelievable and deserved a standing ovation. so far i have watched this movie 10 times but everytime... Full review
it was pretty good
Jun 19, 2007
lil_love_machine_101 -
it was kinda sad when kevin died casue that was max's only friend but i think it helped max tho cuz he started doing better in school and wrote a book... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 07, 2004
Houston Chronicle
Take that to the theater with you, use it to temper your adult expectations, and the allowance will enhance this often-affecting, little film. Culkin is first-rate. As appealing as elder brother Macaulay and a better actor. ... Full Review
| May 01, 1999
Good movie about friendship, especially for middle schoolers. This is a good movie to initiate a talk with middle schoolers about the way that all 7th graders feel like outcasts at times ... Full Review
| Oct 16, 1998
San Francisco Chronicle
The film is full of surprises. It's a defining moment not just for Max (Elden Henson) and Kevin (Kieran Culkin), who go on to be best buddies in ``The Mighty,'' but also for the movie itself, which announces its intention to convey the indomitable human spirit and the power of friendship -- subjects that so easily fall into cliche. ... Full Review

Urban Cinefile
Bright, colourful and lively, Spongebob Square Pants is an endearing animated movie for kids of all ages and lovers of the Nickelodeon television series. It's a buddy movie and a coming of age story combined, with Spongebob discovering that the sea isn't always bluer elsewhere (or when you're grown up), and realises that being a kid isn't such a bad thing. ... Full Review

Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies
The Mighty" won't do much for Stone who, like the film, proves to be entirely forgettable. ... Full Review


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