The Matrix


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User Reviews

Simply awesome!!!
Jan 16, 2009
murfdigidy -
What makes this movie so good is its original plot and story line. It was a great concept for reality and what could be...I mean imagine if we could really download to our brain and learn Karate by just downloading like... Full review
Jan 10, 2009
clint74059 -
this movie was really good, and unique at the time, it had elements that I have never seen in a movie, I thought it was a cool movie. the best of the Matrix trilogy and it could of stood alone, with... Full review
The best ever!
Jan 09, 2009
jargalya -
The best movie I've ever seen in my life!!! Even more so it is very spiritual!!! Two thumbs up to the Wachovski brothers for bringing up such an intelligent subject!!!... Full review
This movie is so awesome
Dec 19, 2008
lilwill597 -
I love this movie its in my top 10 of my favorite movies it has a lot of action. I like Keanu Reeves and Laurence fishburne a lot there really cool. I like all the intense action in this movie with... Full review
Mindblowing to say the least!
Dec 16, 2008
crzto_1082 -
It's a classic. The idea of another world existing through us was enough to win me over. With the unbelievable visual effects, memorable characters and costumes, and a kick ass story of course everyone is going to want to be Neo,... Full review
Nov 30, 2008
jeb22sg -
The matrix is a breathtaking movie of unimaginable proportions. It has sick fight scenes and is the best movie I have evre seen.... Full review
The Matrix
Nov 20, 2008
luisatonga2003 -
I know I'm late discovering this movie...I've always heard about it but it wasn't until recently when I was compelled to see it in philosophy class did I realize how great it is. I loved every moment of it... I like... Full review
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 -
one of the best technological movies in the 20th century and that's obvious in the live action and the fast rytham but the script isn't as smart as the (matrix reloaded) but it stay wonderful sight to watch.... Full review
Good Movie on Acid
Oct 15, 2008
yomombe -
It was one of the greatest movie to ever come out. Awesome story and Visuals that made the Direction of the film make sense. This film was very well done, but leading into the second was truly a direction that was... Full review
Wow- all time favorite
Oct 04, 2008
debwinonamn -
I love all 3 but let's face it the first one is always the best. What a role for Reeves. And Moss was sleek and limber. All actors were great. The cinematics on this movie impressed me. The idea to me... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 07, 2009
Fans of "The Matrix" don't just "like" this movie.....Everyone else, you know by now if you love "The Matrix".....The Matrix" is as natural a fit with HD picture and sound as any title released so far this year.....The Matrix' is released by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.... ... Full Review
| Apr 07, 2009
Everyone else, you know by now if you love "The Matrix".....Fans of "The Matrix" don't just "like" this movie.....The Matrix" is as natural a fit with HD picture and sound as any title released so far this year.....The Matrix' is released by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.... ... Full Review
| Apr 05, 2009
DVD Town
As a result, the film's writers and directors, the Wachowski brothers, did what practically all filmmakers do after producing a particularly successful movie:....Unfortunately, "The Matrix" lacks the internal consistency of any of those films.....Of course, the film does succeed in presenting a bleak, gloomy future devoid of much human emotion....The film is still fun to watch, especially in high definition, which is all we really expect from it.....undeniably, parts of it are visually exciting, especially ... Full Review
| Mar 31, 2009
DVD Talk
Presented in its original aspect ratio of 2.4:1 with a nice VC-1 encode, The Matrix still looks incredibly good in 1080p splendor.....Of course, even while building Bound , they had The Matrix stewing in their minds.....Yet, it usually gets picked from the rotation simply because, well, it's the better film.....It's a little blurry and a little grainier than you'd expect from a film this recent, but nothing terribly obtrusive.....have put together an attractive standalone edition of The Matrix for those tha ... Full Review
| Nov 05, 2008
Buddy TV, WA
The Matrix Reloaded ruined this perfect balance, becoming bogged down in heady rambling to the point where it forgot to tell an entertaining story. While The Matrix Revolutions doesn't come close to the glory of the original, it thankfully favors impressive action over New Age babbling. ... Full Review


Montana Fishburne has revealed to TMZ that she telephoned her father after her porn movie was released last week. However, The Matrix star did not want to converse with her, saying "I'm not going to speak with you 'til you... ... Full Article

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You might remember reading reports a few weeks ago about the next film for the Wachowski siblings, who so famously set the bar higher for dystopian science fiction in 1999 with "The Matrix." ... Full Article

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