The Lonely Lady


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"Maybe THIS is more your 'kick'!!!!"
Oct 29, 2005
Christopher T. Chase -
The memory banks of most of the reviewers here must've short-circuited when trying to recall this Cubic Zirconia of a gem, because practically everyone managed to misquote Lloyd Bochner's Walter Thornton, when in a fit of peevish anger, he hurls the... Full review
No, it's not to my liking, but I couldn't stop watching
May 01, 2005
devil_doll12 -
I haven't been able to decide if this movie is so bad it's good, or, to quote Enid Coleslaw, "so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again." No matter, it forced me look much the same way a... Full review
So god awful that it's absolutely brilliant!!!
Feb 03, 2002
will-105 -
Bad script, bad direction, over the top performances, overwrought dialogue. What more could you ask for? For laughs, it just doesn't get any better than this. Zadora's over-acting combined with the cliched scenarios she finds herself in make for an hilarious... Full review
"It's a cookbook!" or is that a cooked book?
Oct 08, 2001
aromatic-2 -
Lloyd Bochner, totally sleazy, got second billing in two movies, The Lonely Lady and Drums of Africa. Mr. Bochner has done a magnificent job as a guest star on TV for 40 years. As a lead film actor, Mr. Bochner's presence... Full review
Absolute zero
Sep 10, 2000
Joe-385 -
Immediately after renting and watching this movie several years ago, a friend and I decided that it defined the absolute zero on the movie scale. There was nothing about the movie that could have been done worse than it was. To... Full review
I don't think it could be worse
Mar 19, 1999
Scoopy -
There is absolutely nothing to redeem this movie. They took a sleazy story, miscast it, miswrote it, misfilmed it. It has bad dialogue badly performed in a meandering and trashy story. As badly as it fails as art, it fails even... Full review

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