The Last Samurai


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User Reviews

You have to see it to believe it.
Jan 26, 2008
filmlover75 -
I am a Tom Crusie fan. I like a lot of his films, but sometimes they can be either hit or miss. They can be Vanilla Sky (good) or Eyes Wide Shut (bad). While I had high expectations going into this... Full review
A Movie of Two Halves
Jan 26, 2008
hyperboy4242 -
The Last Samurai is one of those movies that can't seem to decide what it wants to be. For the first half, it seems focused very much on the mysticism and beauty of Japanese culture and how it saves the tortured... Full review
how did this get mixed reviews?
Apr 19, 2007
pq7xxx -
i saw this movie expecting it to be good but was hesitant because i wasn't in the mood for a war movie. the preview also didn't turn me on too much. then i came out of the theater completely amazed at... Full review
Ignorant people should not criticize this movie.
Apr 19, 2007
jhkshen -
This is a good movie. But as I walked out of the theatre, I heard many stupid comments about different aspects of the movie that they wouldn't have said if they knew more about Japanese culture and history.... Full review
Apr 19, 2007
trekkyy -
I have no love for Tom Cruise, but, he was excellent in this movie. The Japanese actors, especially, Watanabe were astonishing. The fight scenes and sceneries were awe inspiring. This one's truly an epic. It's going to make your eyes swollen... Full review
worth watching twice
Apr 19, 2007
yokosusa -
Most Japanese in Japan know that Ken Watanabe (Katsumoto) had leukemia about 14 years ago. I couldn't believe the fact that he came back and started acting again. I was just happy to see him acting like before... Althoug I am... Full review
Oh Saki...
Apr 19, 2007
griptape8 -
Where to begin, I think I am still trying to catch my breath with that ending. I wonder how those movie critics come up with their bogus ideas of what a real movie is? Last Samurai proved once again that most... Full review
Hollywood's learned the way of Samurai
Apr 19, 2007
rama_sutra -
This is by far one of the most captivating, and visually stunning, movies i've ever seen in my Indonesian life. The direction and cinematography were so good, it made me want to move to Japan just cause of its awesome natural... Full review
Oscar written al over this one.
Apr 19, 2007
miller20817 -
i found this movie to be one of the greatest of all time. If not for Master and Commander, The lord of the Rings, and Mistic River I think the last samurai would win every award there is. the acting in... Full review
This is the EPIC MOVIE to see !
Apr 19, 2007
vistaedward -
I loved Master and Commander, but THIS is the ONE. The Last Samurai is Oscar bound. Honesty Courage, Visuals that truly Stun, and Han Zimmers brilliant score. Ken Watanabe deserves much of the credit, those critics complaining about Cruise..I forgot it... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 07, 2009
the film is bad or uninspired, it's....Even the usually solid action choreography of the film's action director, Cory Yuen ( Red Cliff ), has a "been there/done that" has such a contempt for the audience....Despite the film's many flaws, I do hope....The film is a 90 minute mess that feels like it was made by people who are either just collecting a paycheck.... ... Full Review
| May 17, 2009
The Celebrity Cafe
The Last Samurai" came at the peak of Tom Cruise's career, when he was starring in some of my favorite movies, films like "Minority Report" and "Vanilla Sky" .....Yet, "The Last Samurai" is masterful in its storytelling.....The Last Samurai" is a really great action epic....The main characters are all charismatic and likeable..... ... Full Review
| Feb 19, 2009
Best "Last" Hollywood Movies -....When Hollywood tries to entice people to watch a movie, coming in last may be just the ticket for a memorable film.....Japanese Ken Watanabe is mesmerizing as Lord Katsumoto....the actor knows how to deliver solid performances..... ... Full Review
| Jan 15, 2009, Canada
a refreshing change from the usual images of mass slaughter.... ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
So back to the film: an adventure, a buddy movie and a war film rolled into one giant cross cultural odyssey, The Last Samurai is magnificent to look at, to listen to and to feed off emotionally. A visually stunning epic adventure about honour, The Last Samurai takes us on a resonating and powerful emotional journey. ... Full Review


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