The Jacket


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User Reviews

Oct 08, 2008
ashkanbat24 -
this movie is a good pcyhologic\thriller i dont like it.first actor for this film is a good actor but this movie is a bad fantacy i ever see.... Full review
Jun 07, 2008
m_sharif24 -
The jacket was one the best movies that I have ever seen.I was really intrested in the moive, so that I suggested to my friends to watch it,too.The subject of the movie was new for me.You couldn't realize what would be... Full review
Simply amazing!!!
May 16, 2008
capturedsouls888 -
I rented this movie on a limb. It was amazing! Simply amazing! I'm going to keep this short. It was the most original movie I've ever seen, the coolest movie I've ever seen, and one of the touchong movie I've ever... Full review
one of the best movies of the year
Apr 23, 2008
butheruskyle -
This is one of the best movies of the year and of all time. It has all the things a great movie should have. I has wicked twists and a good original story line. It is the perfect amount of length... Full review
Feb 23, 2008
adorlibatique -
When I first watch this film, I was kinda stunned by its plot..It's an entirely different approach to story-telling. Once you begin watching it, it gradually grips your emotions and your psyche somewhere in the middle of the story. I had... Full review
I died the first time...
Nov 09, 2007
ciscokidfpm -
This is an artsy movie with some good actors. Adrien Brody for one does a great job of loosing his mind. The visial effects are pretty good. The change in color and appearance of characters as they change based on the... Full review
Brilliant filmmaking, a true gem.
Oct 25, 2007
luzarius -
Thought provoking and romantic with a twist of sci-fi. It doesn't get better than this. This movie will greatly appeal to those who are slightly out of touch with reality. Other reviewers have mentioned that the movie was difficult to follow... Full review
Worth your time and money
Jul 27, 2007
perry_of_washington -
I was very impressed with this movie and that is a very rare thing, I have watched many movies in my life (about five thousands or so) and it is a rare treat when I walk away from a movie and... Full review
new conceptual
Jun 03, 2007
hollow_storm -
this movie was really good................a completely new plot-line and the story of course is simply excellent.................the acting was above par................a little slow paced movie I agree but a wonderful themed movie with a plot dat will shock u da most..............brody acted... Full review
I loved the Jacket!
May 25, 2007
swollenkiss -
yes, it is a bit "out there" and leaves some significant loose ends, but it is edgy and it takes risks - something movies don't do enough of these days...... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 01, 2008
Adrien Brody fails to hit all the right notes, but is constantly watchable....while Jennifer Jason Leigh and, in particular, Keira Knightly both deliver memorable turns.....Much like Eddie McGuire, the script simply isn't as smart as it thinks it is"¦ Despite its flaws, The Jacket does hook you on its mystery..... ... Full Review
| Aug 20, 2005
The Age
Lyrically strong, sad songs, love songs, jokey songs, angry songs, heart felt songs, whimsical songs. ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 2005
Cinema Blend
Admittedly, The Jacket looks interesting on the surface. The Jacket certainly looked like something incredible. Adrien Brody is simply a fantastic actor to watch. For one, its got an extremely dependable cast. ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 2005
DVD Talk
Video: Warner Home Video consistently puts out some of the most impressive looking DVDs of any studio, and The Jacket 's flawless 2.39:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation is another case-in-point. With visuals this stylized, The Jacket requires a first-rate presentation on DVD, and Warner's delivered just that. ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 2005
It is a ravishing film, at once precise, evocative, and impressionistic. "For my research for this film, says director John Maybury in the short documentary, The Look of The Jacket , I watched a lot of old silent films, especially Eric von Stroheims stuff, just cause he was doing experimental stuff in the teens and 20s, that still havent been resolved. ... Full Review


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