The Incredibles


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User Reviews

Less than expected but still a good entertainment
Jul 15, 2008
pedrogolo -
No way, for one reason or the other you have to see the movie (your children want it, your couple wish it, you secretly need it). And you are ready for a terrific movie, looking at your back with gems as... Full review
Really incredible (!)
Jul 31, 2007
annelie_holm -
I can resume this movie with three words : Go see it. This movie is one of the greatest animated action/comedy movies i've ever seen. It has it all, wits, laughs, action and at times even fear are involved. I have... Full review
Jul 05, 2007
kakarote2000 -
You have to go see this movie, I mean have TO!!!!!This movie have it all. It's the most funny, loving, exciting, nail biting movie to see. My kids loved this movie. They want to be super heros now. My son thinks... Full review
An incredible Pixar film!
Mar 16, 2007
steverebbry2002 -
One of the best! Disney has been making great improvement lately with the help of Pixar's Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., The incredibles, and other Pixar movies! These aren't just for kids, they're for the adults too. It's first class entertainment that's... Full review
Fun flick
Oct 15, 2006
drickmeister -
This is a good film, although it will be more appreciated by adult audiences. It's not the laugh-a-minute flick that the commercials make it appear to be. Instead, it's a fairly thoughtful story about heroism and the importance of family. While... Full review
Incredibly Super!!
Jul 09, 2006
beamwulf -
I didn't know what to expect when I went to go see this movie...but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was Excellent! I knew it couldn't be bad, not only because it was/is top in the box offices, but also cause... Full review
Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 08, 2005
felixmia -
The incredibles follows the adventures of a family of former superheroes rediscovering the true source of their powers in one anther.Once one of the worlds top masked crimefighter,Bob Parr(aka Mr Incredible)fought evil and save lives on a daily basis.But fifteenyears later,... Full review
A Very GOOD Family Film
Nov 05, 2005
whatdakave -
This is a very good film because it shows that, even superheroes have hard time getting through a regular day. Each member of their family have a different problems, just like us. At the same time it is also very fun... Full review
I don't care if it's a "kids movie"!
Oct 21, 2005
tinkerbelle3891 -
Wow, this was amazing for an animated film, and so-called "children's movie"! I don't think this should be aimed at just one age range anymore. Although technically I'm not an adult, I'm not a kid either, and I absolutely LOVED this... Full review
*******!!! INCREDIBLE !!!*******
Jul 27, 2005
supastar1226 -

Critics Reviews

| Apr 03, 2009
Pixar Animation Studios has had a string of successful movies in the cartoon format.....It seems that Mr. Incredible must now hide who he really is, and fit into a society that celebrates conformity..... ... Full Review
| Apr 03, 2009
AgainPixar Animation Studios has had a string of successful movies in the cartoon format.....the movie makes a strong statement about a social trend that celebrates mediocrity.....It seems that Mr. Incredible must now hide who he really is, and fit into a society that celebrates conformity..... ... Full Review
| Feb 08, 2009
Film School Rejects
I aim to apply these views in the context of Brad Bird's 2004 The Incredibles (and, I will then urge you to do the same to your own favorite superhero film): In The Incredibles , the superior humans-or the "supers"-are those who possess the ability to do fantastic, unnatural things-such as infinitely stretching their bodies, lifting up cars high in the air, and running fast enough to glide above water. ... Full Review
| Oct 20, 2008
There is no doubt that it's a great action flick and perhaps that's my major gripe with it. In THE INCREDIBLES case, the movie lacked an original story, being so many parts of other action flicks that it ceased to be new unto itself. ... Full Review
| Oct 14, 2008
Great movie. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles were so much better. Posted by: Snarky Bastard on October 14, 2008 at 12:28:01 Bellatrix: IN MY OPINION, The Incredibles was the best. But as a comic book fan, I love the Incredibles most... ... Full Review


"This is event television," he added. However, at the show's buzzless TCA panel Sunday afternoon, it was hard to decipher exactly what was extraordinary about the show. ... Full Article

ABC's forthcoming fall drama No Ordinary Family is one part Heroes , one part The Incredibles - but don't expect star Michael Chiklis to don any capes or costumes. ... Full Article

Fans of superheroes on TV will lose one series this year ( Heroes ) and gain another, ABC's No Ordinary Family , which may seem very, very familiar to anybody who has seen Pixar's The Incredibles . ... Full Article

Lost has reached its final season and has left many viewers upset and not knowing what to do on Tuesday nights. ABC has announced its primetime schedule for this fall, and No Ordinary Family will be taking Lost's time slot. ... Full Article

Big-budget dramas and ensemble sitcoms are being picked up by the big television networks this week, in a preview of what advertisers will see at the annual upfront presentations next week. ... Full Article

Monsters Inc. sequel is heading to theaters in November 2012! This animated movie isn't my favorite Pixar movie but I certainly enjoyed it! Actually, I think I would prefer sequels to A Bug's Life or The Incredibles but I'll take... ... Full Article

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