The Incredible Hulk


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User Reviews

RUINED by poor actor selection
Jan 19, 2009
christaliss -
I expected much more from a movie that carries such a household name. The plot is boring, the conversation is uninteresting and the WORST is the cast! Norton & Tyler are BOTH TERRIBLY AWFUL. Their acting is dull and did not... Full review
Jan 19, 2009
mjgbaseball17 -
This movie was incredible. The first hulk was terrible and this one kept up with Iron Man. There was way much more action and the story was based on the TV series of the Hulk. For a superhero movie, it was... Full review
Jan 12, 2009
gabriela_gomezm -
The movie was really good BUT I don't know understand why they changed the main actors that really brings the rating down.... Full review
On the Fence
Jan 01, 2009
duhchief -
I'm on the fence on this one. See, for some reason, I can't stand Edward Norton as a "good guy". He plays a great "creep" in so many movies, that I find myself rooting against him when he's in a role... Full review
funny,warming to the heart very well done
Jan 01, 2009
mmikec47 -
the play and the movie are both artistic masterpieces,giving a side of family in america rarely seen thats more truth and what we need as a society than scolars have written in years.... Full review
incredible indeed
Dec 31, 2008
sliferred4 -
What I like most about this movie is that it doesn't show that anger is the only way for the hulk to come forth.... Full review
Dec 30, 2008
goodboydash -
the movie had a short time it should be 2 hours and bruce baner didn,t became hulk for a long time but this movie was very wonderful... Full review
Gotta watch it on the big screen..
Dec 30, 2008
californian88 -
No home-theater no DvD..this must be watched at the cinema..effects are truly cool..the story is..Hulk story..with a few additions..Eddie Norton is obviously great..really nice..... Full review
I JUST S H I T MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 22, 2008
theinfamousjoker08 -
This movie rapes ass! so much better than the other gay one. god it is amazing see it or i will eat your butt!!!!... Full review
A hulk smashing reveiw
Dec 18, 2008
justin.butler -
The hulk was a good movie the reason i think not many people like it is because the hulk isn't one of there favorite comic book heroes... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 04, 2009
Hartford Courant
The Incredible Hulk ( Universal Studios , 2008) - Derided as it was for the cartoony monster and psychobabble-driven plot, at least Ang Lee 's 2003 "Hulk" made some bold choices and showed some story-telling ambition. Besides Norton, lots of other talent is wasted, including Liv Tyler , Tim Roth and William Hurt (who apparently plays only bad guys these days). ... Full Review
| Nov 21, 2008
While the film works better without that opening, it's a nice Easter egg. Most of the deleted scenes bring more humanity to Bruce Banner, Norton's character who, when angry or excited, turns into the green monster the incredible Hulk. ... Full Review
| Nov 06, 2008
ChattahBox, MA
This scene really gave the characters a human feel, that there was more to the creature than just being big and strong and really went a long way to helping develop the characters as humans. It is unfortunate that there was so much negativity between Edward Norton and the studio because he is someone I think could help to continue the development of the character and franchise. ... Full Review
| Nov 04, 2008
Tim Roth's character was interesting during the first portion of the movie....I will admit I was a little apprehensive to watch this movie.....I enjoyed the original series starring Bill Bixby.... ... Full Review
| Nov 03, 2008
Hollywood Today Newsmagazine
What's missing in the writing of 'The Incredible Hulk' is humor. French filmmaker Louis Leterrier, best known for the action films 'Transporter' and 'Transporter 2', and the martial-arts film 'Unleashed', directed 'The Incredible Hulk'. ... Full Review


July 12, 2010 By FRANK LOVECE. Special to Newsday Following a remarkable statement by Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige that Edward Norton would not be reprising his "Incredible Hulk" role in the upcoming Marvel-superteam movie "The Avengers" - basically saying... ... Full Article

For a few weeks now, we've been hearing rumors that Marvel Studios was set to unveil Edward Norton on stage at Comic-Con later this month, revealing that the actor would return to reprise his role from The Incredible Hulk in... ... Full Article

IGN sat down with director Louis Leterrier to talk about "The Incredible Hulk" sequel, which Marvel has yet to announce. According to Leterrier, the correct move would be to hold off until "The Avengers" is released, before doing another Hulk... ... Full Article

Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton has commented on his relationship with Marvel Studios. The actor reportedly voiced his dissatisfaction with the final cut of Marvel's 2008 Hulk movie upon its release. ... Full Article

Tim Roth, the actor who portrayed Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination in 'The Incredible Hulk', confirmed that he has been signed by Marvel for three movies. ... Full Article

Ever since Marvel decided to branch out, it appears that cross pollination has been #1 on their agenda. With Iron Man containing a Nick Fury cameo (Samuel L. ... Full Article

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