The Fabulous Baker Boys


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User Reviews

Bloody Marvelous...
Dec 05, 2007
brondum44 -
This is one of my all time favourite films.. I must have seen this film about 10 times and it always make feel good.. The acting is brilliant.. I completely fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer after watching this film.. It... Full review
A Great Movie!
Dec 05, 2007
ladybobcats2003 -
The Fabulous Baker Boy's is an excellent movie. I was at the video store and saw nothing that peaked my interest, so I just grabbed it and went home. After watching it I realized what a phenomenal movie it was. Great... Full review
A movie that get you buzzed
Apr 25, 2006
realesthomeboi -
This is a movie that tingles all your senses and makes you feel like if you had a few drinks and got buzzed a little. Without Michelle Pfeiffer's (not to mention that famous on the piano)performance and the music of Dave... Full review
Deserves some more appreciation
Sep 22, 2005
Travis_Bickle01 -
This movie is one of my favourites, probably because I'm a true Jeff Bridges-fan. I think most people are familiar with the story. It's about 2 brothers playing piano in hotel lounges and bars etc. Beside the Bridges-brothers, Michelle Pfeiffer... Full review
After seeing the rating for this movie, I'm convinced about one thing: the average viewer doesn't want good movies, all they are interested in is some cheap entertainment with big explosions, a lot of violence and shooting and if possible... Full review
Apr 15, 2005
otayrh -
This and Body Heat are THE best movies to bring a female aquaintance back to the crib to watch with the proper accoutrumonts. SCORE!!!... Full review
Not the best, but pretty close!
Apr 15, 2005
hidrant2001 -
I've just seen this movie yesterday and I must say I was pretty amazed because I didn't expect a lot from a movie with such a conformist story. But it's been a while since I haven't felt that good after watching... Full review
It's not getting any better than this
Mar 18, 2005
jéwé -
TFBB is such a terrific movie, you feel like a child in a toy store wanting to tell it all. Everything in this story falls into place, the pace is great, the acting is brilliant and yet it's in the... Full review
There is no way I could possibly give Baker Boys anything less then a 10, even though as far as personal enjoyment goes, I had some problems with it. Yet, without a doubt the fact remains that this movie, on... Full review
Enjoyable story, thinly plotted but very well made.
Dec 25, 2003
Jonathon Dabell -
Jeff and Beau Bridges - brothers in real life - are here united to play brothers on the screen. It's not the first time real-life brothers have played fictitious brothers in a movie (in fact, in The Long Riders several... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 09, 2007
Film Threat, Hollywood's Indie V
It's a good song, and I like the scene....The commentary hasn't been carried over (unfortunately because of different companies in charge of each release), the production notes aren't there and most disappointing is the shameful lack of a commentary by Steve Kloves....Nevertheless, it's still worth seeing "The Fabulous Baker Boys," no matter which DVD you watch it on..... ... Full Review
| Jan 30, 2007
DVD Talk
Both Bridges are excellent; it might be the pinnacle of Beau Bridges' filmic career. His dialogue is occasionally too pat for its own good, but the characters are well-drawn and reasonably complicated. ... Full Review
| Oct 13, 1989
They select auditioner Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer), who in addition to being a gifted songstress is drop-dead gorgeous. Musical prodigies both, the Bakers have long been teamed as a twin-piano act, with the less talented Frank (Beau Bridges) coasting on the skills of his brilliant younger brother Jack (Jeff Bridges). ... Full Review
| Oct 13, 1989
Washington Post
"The Fabulous Baker Boys" is a grand piano movie, all sophisticated rhythms, visual glissandi and three-part harmony. The Fabulous Baker Boys" is like a beloved movie from the glory days of Hollywood. ... Full Review

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
It's an efficiently made film made by consummate professionals, and for a night of quality sights, sounds, and good performances, the price of the rental should be well worth it. Much of this is due to the perfect chemistry of the Bridges Brothers, who actually learned the hand movements for the songs they were to play just for the movie, and the nicely delivered songs from Pfeiffer, who does all of her own singing here. ... Full Review


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