The Exorcist


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User Reviews

Mar 05, 2009
sher_pino -
This movie is the first movie I ever saw that was so realistic about demons. It also had a good ending. This director did alot of research about demons and went to extremes to make it what it is.... Full review
Scary As Hell
Feb 06, 2009
zachary.padron -
This movie is scary as hell and it should be seen by every die-hard horror fan. The story doesn't catch your attention in the first part, but the second part is amazing and enjoyable. The acting is amazing and believable. Linda... Full review
Scary As Hell
Feb 04, 2009
amazingzach100 -
This movie is scary as hell and it should be seen by every die-hard horror buff. The story is dull in the first part, the second part is enjoyable and amazing. The acting is amazing and believable. Linda Blair gives an... Full review
Scary as Hell!
Feb 01, 2009
collinsadam26 -
Without the blink of an eye, i have come to terms that this was the scariest, most disturbing movie i have ever seen. The director wasn't afraid to cross the line and i give him kudos for that, that's what makes... Full review
Scary as Hell
Jan 12, 2009
zachattackrules -
This movie is scary as hell and it should be laid eyes on by every single die-hard horror buff. The story is mostly dull in the start, but the second part makes up for it. The acting is amazing and Linda... Full review
Scary as Hell
Jan 04, 2009
bigshialabeouffan -
This movie is scary as hell and it should be seen by every die-hard horror buff. The story is pretty boring in the start, but it gets better and more bizarre than you ever imagined. The acting is amazing and Linda... Full review
Dec 13, 2008
nini3602008 -
wow this movie scared the living hell out of me!great movies and well put together! it really scared me everytime i would see a little peek of the demons actual face! i was like whoa! freaky! lol but yes very good... Full review
Everything So Good, But Got Knocked Down
Nov 07, 2008
predalien453 -
I thought that this movie was an amazing idea, the acting was amazing, but it dragged out, just like every movie in this series did. A great movie to watch once, but not anything I would watch again. This series is... Full review
Overdone start hard to compensate
Oct 21, 2008
samuraifa451 -
The Exorcist, considered to be one of the most chilling movies of our time is creepy and psychologically chilling but not the horror film its marketed as. The overplayed beginning starts off with meeting The Exorcist on an expedition. That scene,... Full review
Simply the scariest movie of all time
Sep 27, 2008
encore40s -
The Exorcist is just the scariest movie of all time. I mean like not - being - able - to - sleep - well - after - the - movie kind of scary. Some horror movies are are good, but totally... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Oct 30, 2009
Box Office Prophets
The film has flaws.... ... Full Review
| Oct 30, 2009
Box Office Prophets
I know, people get freaked out by the movie....Aside from the stylish, well-paced direction from William Friedkin and the sterling, you-are-there cinematography by Owen Roizman, the best parts of The Exorcist are the quirky supporting performances.....the image of poor young Linda Blair speaking with the Devil's voice is admittedly quite creepy.....Though his final act of sacrifice is almost ruined by the slightly cheesy special effects involved, Karras is a character you root for and sympathize.... ... Full Review
| Oct 31, 2008, Thailand
William Friedkin''s flick topped the online poll, which asked more than 6,000 HMV customers - all thanks to its unique blend of supernatural horror, religious iconography and a taboo-breaking script. ... Full Review
| Oct 17, 2008
The infamously troubled actress followed The Exorcist with its sequel and continues to take roles in many frightening flicks. Starring in one of the most notorious and horrifying movies of all time, Linda Blair shocked audiences with her portrayal of Regan MacNeil, a young girl who falls prey to demonic possession. ... Full Review
| Apr 30, 2008
all of these effects seem completely real.The exorcist is an amazing movie with a great cast.....The movie is a masterpiece that catches the viewer's attention by making it feel....The movie is well put together for the time.... ... Full Review


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"The Exorcist" (1973): Of course, we have to go with this one first. The imagery is iconic: the spinning head and the projectile pea soup, the rumbling bed and those profane words coming out of sweet little Linda Blair's mouth. ... Full Article

"Exorcism is alive and well," the Rev. Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) declares near the start of "The Last Exorcism," then recites a stream of facts and figures to prove the procedure continues to be practiced around the world. ... Full Article

Thirty seven years after it was released, horror movie The Exorcist has been voted as "most disturbing" film of all time. The 1973 film directed by William Friedkin, adapted from the 1971 novel of the same name by William Peter... ... Full Article

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