The End of the Affair


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This Movie Is About Religion
Sep 30, 2007
When I saw that this movie was by Graham Greene, I expected a suspense story, maybe a spy story. So I wanted to warn people that this movie is nothing like that. It is about faith and God. It is couched... Full review
****SPOILERS**** Schmaltzy yet very penetrating film about forbidden love in the betrayal of one's spouse that leads to a series of life changing, as well as ending, events to all those involved. American writer Maurice Bendrix, Van Johnson,had been discharged from... Full review
Quite Good for 1954
Jan 08, 2007
claygoul-1 -
I am indebted to Turner Classic Movies for televising this film today. I had not seen it. I am a great admirer of both the novel and the 1999 film version by Neil Jordan. I count it as one of the... Full review
The first disadvantage of THE END OF THE AFFAIR is that the star chemistry between DEBORAH KERR and VAN JOHNSON is not there. Each does a respectable job as two people burdened under the strain of a doomed love affair, but... Full review
Just not credible. Would have been better done by Disney.
Sep 11, 2006
lochinvar-1 -
I'm not sure if I'm writing a "spoiler" or not. The explanation is vague. I am going to say that the movie is poorly done, so if you don't want to be put off, don't read this critique. But I am... Full review
Van Johnson's love rival
Oct 29, 2005
theowinthrop -
This is not a great film, but it is better than many critics said it was when the 1999 remake came out. THE END OF THE AFFAIR was one of the key novels of Graham Greene in the 1950s that delved... Full review
Worthy version of the novel
Mar 17, 2001
Erewhon -
Van Johnson is miscast but still surprisingly good as the loving/bitter writer who tells this story; Kerr is very good and Cushing is even better. In fact, Cushing is distinctly superior to Stephen Rea, who played the role of the husband... Full review

Critics Reviews
The best performance is delivered by John Mills, as an affable private detective hired by Henry Miles to check up on Sarah's whereabouts. ... Full Review
All in all, the 1955 version of the film seems eminently watchable and reasonably good but its flaws bring it down to "C"-level. A strong supporting cast helps make the film more effective. This is a fairly bland affair ... Full Review

The New York Times
The best performance is delivered by John Mills , as an affable private detective hired by Henry Miles to check up on Sarah's whereabouts. ... Full Review


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