The Cure


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User Reviews

Beautiful movie
Feb 09, 2009
cesarfigarola -
One of the most powerful movies i have seen in a long time. it made me cry! it has a lot of meaning.... Full review
great movie, a must watch
Jul 23, 2008
johncunnard37209 -
truely a heartwarming movie. you will laugh and cry. one of the best in its class. many could learn from watching this movie.... Full review
worth crying for!!!!!
Jun 23, 2008
markdave_m -
I've watched this movie last month and it makes me realized what is the ideal friendship must be. this movie makes me cry. I never cry to a movie before but this one really does it. thanks for creating this movie... Full review
Mar 21, 2008
life_in_forever -
A childhood favorite of mine. It is a learning experience into a world, which most of us cannot relate to. Definitely, a sad movie, but one that is a must watch! The acting is realistic and in the end endearing. A... Full review
real friendship!?
Sep 26, 2007
s_lkly -
I always think that friendship have to be depended on the time of 2 people known, common topic or another thing. but this movie had changed mine. It is existed whatever happen. The cure really made me cry for all 2... Full review
I had seen The Cure when I was a kid and I loved it then. Now, years later, I got a hold of a copy almost by accident, and watched it again. Being a kid, you don't really have the... Full review
The subject of children being terminally ill is difficult and saddening but 'The Cure' successfully portrays the idea that it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom and, if anything, children need to have hope and delight in their... Full review
A Heart Warming Story
Aug 24, 2006
fishguru2 -
this movie is a heart warming story about 2 boys w2ho find a friendship with the end the 2 boys realized that they found what they were looking boy dies but the other boy is happy with what he... Full review
Great Film!
Apr 09, 2006
wildsideme -
Very nice movie! I was browsing the channels on my TV and I usually ignore the channels that air drama movies but then I saw this channel that airs old school movies and it is where I saw this movie.... Full review
Awesome movie
Apr 07, 2006
preciousfjdet -
This is a great movie...I think everyone should watch it..Im not a big fan on sad movies, but this is my fav. I cry everytime I watch it. It is an amazing story and does a great job on defining true... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 15, 2009
Deseret News
In a way, movies like this are a cheat..... ... Full Review
| Apr 06, 1996
Los Angeles Times
Where many films fall apart toward the finish, "The Cure" gets into gear at last but too late to redeem earlier flaws. As for Scarwid, this fine actress is stuck with yet another thankless role, this time as a nasty, ignorant wino. ... Full Review
| Apr 28, 1995
Entertainment Weekly
Then rumblings about the script began, as it floated through agents' offices, with some readers complaining that The Cure was irresponsible in its treatment of homosexuality. Everyone really liked the script,'' says Robert Kuhn, the 38-year-old comic-turned-screenwriter who'd had only one screenplay produced before The Cure, ''but they worried about its commercial prospects. ... Full Review
| Apr 21, 1995
James Berardinelli's Reviews
had the story contained a few more of those "special" moments of bonding between the two children, The Cure might have been a heartwarming, heartbreaking tale.....I found one scene in The Cure somewhat alarming, and possibly a little irresponsible.....Character development proceeds along predictable, and not especially deep, lines..... ... Full Review
| Apr 21, 1995
Washington Post
You can always pick out the bad movie moms these daysthey smoke and drink and wear tight skirts. Kids may not pay much heed to these things, but adults will find them damaging to the overall integrity of the story, and reflective of a somewhat slapdash effort. ... Full Review


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