The Butterfly Effect


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User Reviews

Butterfly effective
Jul 14, 2008
ndoc4135 -
I went to this movie not expecting all that much but was very surprised with how well this movie turned out. The characters were believable and the story line was well written.... Full review
A "good" movie that could have been better...
May 11, 2008
wv_guy1970 -
I would ask you to read this review, before moving on.I find that the story line was an excellent idea, however it did fall a little short of my expectations. There was such potential there for the script, and the scences... Full review
Mar 04, 2008
nate73275 -
Wow! if anybody could write an accurate description of this movie, you should be on the best seller list. This is one of the most twisted, weird, and friggin awesome movies that I have ever seen. It isn't scary, but just... Full review
Pretty Damn Good
Dec 31, 2007
lisawynne -
At first I thought that this was going to be Ashton Kutcher's first pathetic attempt to not be his type-cast blithering idiot character. But, as it turns out Ashton was pretty good here and so was everything and everyone else. I... Full review
Open your minds
Dec 29, 2007
xanbehr4getdestiny -
I didn't go into the theater expecting anything special, but I came away in awe. Was it the best movie ever? No. Was it everyone's cup of tea? No. But it was definately entertaining and stimulating. In my opinio, Ashton Kutcher... Full review
best friggin movie i have ever seen!!
Jul 21, 2007
bfacker2003 -
The story to this movie is awesome, great directing and casting, perfect performance by Kutcher and the BEST ending in the entire history of movies. You have more then ten bucks in your pocket check out The Butterfly Effect for sure.... Full review
Crapped Out Gold
Jul 19, 2007
hellnoelmo -
I sat down to the movie not knowing what to expect... But from the opening scene to the end credits, the movie grabbed me and held me- very seldom do I exit a theater with such a fulfilling feeling. Though several... Full review
Best Ever
Mar 14, 2007
emmasdad02 -
This is quite possibly the most intense movie I've ever seen. Anyone that doesn't give this an A+ is crazy. I was skeptical about see Kutcher in a serious role, but I have to say that I never once thought, "That's... Full review
Definitely an effect.
Dec 19, 2006
script_screenplay -
I just saw this movie. I didn't expect it to be good. IT WAS EXCELLENT!!! You really had to think about it. The story was good. One of Ashton Kutcher's best performances yet.... Full review
best ever
Nov 16, 2006
vfjeans -
This is the best movie of all time no movie ever could beat this. Ashton Kutcher did a fantastic job with this role.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Too bad--this is such a dumb movie, so full of holes, so predictable, so lacking any degree of depth or complexity.....It's a supernatural thriller that doesn't thrill, a needlessly twisted mystery that builds itself on a premise so weak.... ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2008
With this backfield of talent, Ashton Kutcher is able to front a very acceptable science-fiction/horror movie that is not afraid to crack a few heads to make the story work. I would give "The Butterfly Effect" four out of five stars for daring to not be ordinary. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
The first half of the film is a little dull: I glanced at the time and noted wearily the film was only an hour old. But ultimately, The Butterfly Effect is a big turkey, and the entertainment value unwittingly gained, is not the one intended. ... Full Review
| Sep 02, 2004
The Butterfly Effect works as a stunt film, holding attention with its numerous disasters each time Evan alters the future. If the movie loses ground, it's in the ending, which seems too eager to tidy things up when it should have stayed as dark and doomed as the rest of the movie has been. ... Full Review
| Jul 06, 2004
DVD Talk
Overall, a very good film. The film also looks terrific, despite a low budget (I'm guessing the low budget allowed the filmmakers to head into the kind of darkness they do). Audio quality was terrific, with clean/clear dialogue, score and effects. ... Full Review


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