The Big Country


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This is what a movie should be
Apr 07, 2008
rdwarrior59 -
Great cast, great acting, the right touch of humor, action and passion. They don't make them like this anymore, of course that is because they are no great actors anymore like Charelton Heston and Gregory Peck. George Clooney and Tom Cruise... Full review
A Great Western
Oct 29, 2006
jdenham1986 -
This movie has a magnificent cast with Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives, and Jean Simmons. It is very well written and is wonderfully directed by William Wyler. The cinematography is brilliant, with plenty of care and thought put into preparing... Full review
William Wyler's Epic Western
Oct 24, 2006
coolpoolshark285 -
Gregory Peck stars as an ex-ship's captain who heads west to marry a rancher's daughter but is caught in a feud with another rancher, in director William Wyler's 1958 epic western, "The Big Country" This lavish western also stars Jean Simmons,... Full review
"How Many Times Does A Man Have To Win You?"
Jan 30, 2006
bkoganbing -
The Big Country is one big and fun western with concurrent plot lines. The first is the struggle between two implacable enemies, Charles Bickford and Burl Ives. The second is a four sided romantic triangle involving Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons,... Full review
Jun 23, 2005
Alec West -
As a rule, I don't like westerns. This isn't because I'm a city slicker (though now, I do live in a city). I grew up in rural Eastern Oregon where "real" cowboys still herd their cattle through the center of... Full review
The Big Country was passed over by the professional critics as being empty, ernest, and not enough sweep to be called a true epic. Well, I remember seeing The Big Country and was properly swept off my feet by the... Full review
A Big Film
Dec 22, 2003
henry-girling -
There are many things to enjoy in 'The Big Country'. The landscape itself is a character that seems overwhelming. There are many panoramic shots of it, sweeping out to a misty horizon. All beautifully photographed. This big country seems to... Full review
With Peck went the last true gentleman
Sep 08, 2003
Harry T. Yung -
Spoilers (as there will always be people watching it for the first time)The word gentleman has probably been terribly abused in all these years. For an icon of a true gentleman, absolutely no one can surpass Gregory Peck, on and... Full review
Big entertainment, bigger music.
Feb 04, 2002
Poseidon-3 -
As several characters state in the film, "This is a big country" and THIS is a BIG MOVIE. It screams out for widescreen viewing. Many of the characters are largely and broadly drawn with big strokes (stubborn Peck, fiery Baker,... Full review
I've read all of the comments about Wyler's "The Big Country". I don't even remember the first time I saw this movie but I have never tired of watching it. William Wyler went to the vault and pulled out the... Full review

Critics Reviews
The sound is dated by comparison with todays blockbusters, but composer Jerome Moross has given us one of the greatest film themes ever every bit as sweeping and strong as its subject. Director William Wyler gave us a great Western in The Big Country. ... Full Review
This William Wyler western has never found classic status, but it's a worthwhile and very well-made production. Burl Ives (yes, Burl Ives) won an Oscar for playing the neighbor, Rufus. ... Full Review


Now that some time has passed, here's a few thoughts about a few season finales -- including two series finales -- and what writers and producers might learn for future programs (Warning: Spoilers ahead!) . 1. ... Full Article

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