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A great guilty pleasure
Jul 23, 2007
slayrrr666 -
"The Believers" is a somewhat middle-of-the-road affair with a couple good ideas.**SPOILERS**Years after his wife's death, psychologist Cal Jamison, (Martin Sheen) moves with his son Chris, (Harley Cross) into a new apartment in New York City. Trying to piece his... Full review
Apr 05, 2006
jotix100 -
"The Believers", a 1987 film, directed by John Schlessinger, an unlikely candidate, offers an action packed movie that involves the rites of santeria and African witchcraft in the middle of Manhattan. The film, which is based on a novel by... Full review
Realistic and truly scary.
Feb 22, 2006
spacemonkey_fg -
Title: The Believers (1987) Director: John Schlesinger Cast: Martin Sheen, Jimmy Smitts, Robert Loggia Review: I've always been intrigued by movies about Voodo, Santeria and Witchcraft. I could go on and on about how part of my early childhood was... Full review
Blood Cult
Sep 24, 2005
sol -
***SPOILERS*** Moving to New York City with his nine year old son Chris,Darley Cross, after his wife Lisa, Janet Laine Green, died in a tragic electrical accident psychiatrist Cal Jamison, Martin Sheen, got a job in the New York Police... Full review
This is a very creepy Horror film, with amazing performances, however the finale was quite disappointing!. It will get under your skin throughout, and some of the stuff will make you flinch, plus the ending while does not make much... Full review
A bit disjointed, but overall a good film
Jan 17, 2005
Brandt Sponseller -
After his wife dies, police psychiatrist Cal Jamison (Martin Sheen) moves with his son, Chris (Harley Cross), from Minnesota to New York City. There, he quickly becomes embroiled in a bizarre string of occult-related murders of children and apparent suicides... Full review
Building Belief
Jan 15, 2005
docdespicable -
Back when this hit theaters, I missed it for some reason - I think the ad campaign left me rather nonplussed. In any case, I gave it a miss, only to take the chance on it some years later on... Full review
A delightful surprise.
Jan 19, 2004
Fiendish_Dramaturgy -
I read the box. I saw the previews. I was unimpressed. But in viewing this production, I must say I was delightfully surprised. Martin Sheen delivers an honest and genuine performance as a recently-widowed father who must battle the forces... Full review
Apr 30, 2002
Wayne Malin -
Widowed police psychiatrist (Martin Sheen) and his young son (Harley Cross) move to NYC and get involved with a cult that believes in human sacrifices--small children especially.Exceptionally well-made, deadly serious horror film is not for everybody. It's way too long,... Full review
Good horror film
Jun 06, 2000
Michael Dyckman -
Scary, good thriller about a dangerous faction of Santeria, a Latin-American based religion which believes in animal sacrifice, which here is offerring children as sacrifices in New York. Martin Sheen is very good as a police psychologist who moves to... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 01, 2002
Meanwhile, Sheen's buddy on the force, crusty old cop Robert Loggia (who's terrific, by the way) starts to freak out becausewell, he's got a bad feeling . There's nothing wrong with the way the movie looks - it even has some nice sound effects, making the ringing of a phone into something terribly ominous. ... Full Review
| Aug 27, 2001
DVD Talk
Director John Schlesinger is one of those late sixties/early seventies wunderkinds who went from fairly early initial success to a pretty tepid career and a spotty resume. Pretty unspectacular mix and a forgettable score. ... Full Review
| Jun 10, 1987
Washington Post
Still, it's an honest, disquieting, anxious-making thriller. If the performances in the film were better, some of the problems with the material, especially at the finish, might be overlooked. Schlesinger's technique is sneakily invasive. ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
In " The Believers ," which is an awesomely silly, tasteless and half-witted movie, Martin Sheen plays a psychiatrist whose wife is electrocuted by touching the coffee maker while standing barefoot in a pool of spilled milk. The Believers " has been phoned in from the repository of weary movie ideas, and it should be ashamed of itself. ... Full Review


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