The Beast of War


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User Reviews

A great little film nobody knows about!
Mar 04, 2006
TOMASBBloodhound -
That a film as good as The Beast of War is so unknown to the masses is nothing short of criminal. The film is tragic, exciting, suspenseful, and intelligent. From detailed depictions of the Soviet military to the rare glimpse inside... Full review
One Of History's Unsung Greatest Movies
Oct 21, 2005
bobbyp1966 -
My son found this movie, by serendipitous accident, in the $5.50 bin at Wal*Mart in vast abundance; Since viewing it, I've bought ten copies and given them to friends as gifts; Nine out of ten found it 'WOW!', and one 'really... Full review
I saw this movie when I did my tour of duty in the Dutch Army, as a loader on a main battle tank. There aren't really much movies played in a tank, but this one is and pretty realistic (other than... Full review
Suspense, irony, and drama about people at war
Apr 03, 2002
George Parker -
"The Beast" (a tank) tells the saga of a band of Afghan warriors in foot pursuit of a crippled Russian tank across Afghan desert. The film, a drama with some action and no large scale battles, manages to whet the interest,... Full review
A truly great war film
Mar 03, 2002
This film is as I said one of the greatest war films ever made. It is also the only one that I am aware of that focuses on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A serviceable plot makes it easier for the... Full review
A very enjoyable film! Reynolds captures the essence of man's struggle with right & wrong, good & evil, on several levels in this realistic depiction of the Soviet-Afghan conflict. It was both meaningful and entertaining. I gave it an 8. The... Full review
JUSTICE?: RAMBO makes Millions, THE BEAST, $160,000...
Sep 03, 2001
seashellz -
Allegedly came out during a change of administration at COLUMBIA, and they knew not what to do with it, and at a time when the 'blockbuster' mentality was starting to become the norm, THE BEAST may have played in what, five... Full review
Moby Dick, with Ahab in the whale...
Nov 20, 2000
Paul Hager -
This neglected and largely unknown anti-war film, ranks as one of the best of the genre. Since other posters have commented extensively on this movie, I'll limit myself to a few comments about those elements others have not addressed. In it... Full review
Watch this movie
Feb 24, 1999
Haplo-4 -
This is one of the best war-movies I have ever seen. Even if it hasn't a lot of action in it, it is still very intense. I think that the director has managed superbly to illustrate the torments of war, especially... Full review

Critics Reviews
Despite its awkward origins, The Beast is a satisfying action yarn....Director Kevin Reynolds's second film showcases his aggressive camera work that was featured later, less successfully, in Robin Hood....rave reviews, so I am hoping this is a great the sounds of it, this movie is a good one..... ... Full Review


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