The Battle of the River Plate


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Exceptional, but certainly not everyone's cup of tea.
May 14, 2008
planktonrules -
This film is about the final days of the German pocket battleship (like a heavy cruiser), GRAF SPEE. This ship did a lot of damage to British shipping during the early days of the war until she was ultimately hunted down... Full review
The picture is a splendid British film concerning about historic deeds in WWII,the naval battle in the South Atlantic between British cruiser squadron of three ships and the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, Dic 1939 ;the protagonists and secondaries... Full review
Excellent British Naval Drama. A Must-see.
Sep 15, 2005
erwin5711 -
I love this movie. Peter Finch stars as Capt. Langsdorf of the German "pocket" battleship Admiral Graf Spee. He is perfect; from the almost swashbuckly entrance and dialogue with Capt. Dove, a merchant captain whose ship they've just sunk, to... Full review
Top quality war movie
Dec 20, 2004
Stephen Bailey -
At the beginning of World War 2 the German navy positioned the pocket battleship Graf Spee, ready and waiting to prey on allied shipping, which it did with deadly efficiency. Following a major sea battle with a British task force... Full review
A solid entry from Powell/Pressburger
Dec 09, 2004
bensonj -
Not withstanding the negative comments of some critics, this is another great Powell/Pressburger film. Perhaps what prevents it from getting its due is that it looks like another entry in the "big WW II battle recreation" genre, but the structure,... Full review
Pretty good story
Sep 07, 2004
Robert J. Maxwell -
The "pocket battleship" (in armor and armament, somewhere between a battleship and a heavy cruiser) Graf Spee is abroad in the Atlantic, sinking British merchant shipping. She is tracked down by three British and New Zealand cruisers and after a... Full review
I often wonder why this film was re-named The Battle of the River Plate when the actual action took place 150 miles to the east in the South Atlantic. Nevertheless it is a great production brought all the closer to... Full review
Excellent well-balanced war film
May 10, 2004
ud844 -
This film mixes action with respectful exploration of the main characters, on both sides of the conflict. Excellent acting all round. The plot is developed carefully and sets the stage well for the ending. The local South American scenes offer... Full review
According to historical records available, this movie held closely to the true story of the Graf Spee and the pursuit by the British Navy to catch and engage her in battle. The ship used in the movie as the Graf... Full review
Some spoilers. If the real Graf Spee had left Monte Video and battled it out with the Allied warships waiting for her then this film could have had a tremendous ending rather than the somewhat sad scuttling of the great... Full review

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