Tea with Mussolini


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User Reviews

Well Worth Watching!
Jan 03, 2009
revchasm - yahoo.com
I happen to be a Cher fan... Having said that, I would not say that this was her best role, but the film is excellent overall. Great story. A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours and you feel uplifted... Full review
A time long gone
Jan 29, 2007
brit182005 - yahoo.com
A stunning film that catches the the feel of the of the period,the film is mainly about a group of women standing up to and copeing with the evil that is facism.Cher puts in a moving performance as a jewish women... Full review
a brilliant ensamble
Mar 15, 2006
tomk1of1 - yahoo.com
with plowright as the anchor. this should be enough for anyone who cares for not too subtle preformances with a director who is none to subtle himself. the story is said to be auto-bioghrapical with attending metaphors. it is a pleasure... Full review
It's certainly not clear how fictionalized a version of Zeffirelli's autobiography "Tea With Mussolini" is, what with the usual disclaimers at the end. Even presuming this is just a riff off an incident in his life, that he had some... Full review
Entertaining, Educational and extremely well acted
Mar 06, 2005
Florence Lawrence - imdb.com
Another Judi Dench film that in no way disappoints.This film opens the mind even more to that important chapter in history and lets you look from various perspectives at events.I found it a really fascinating film, absolutely beautiful cinematography.Excellent story... Full review
I Want to Grow Up with Cher, Judi, Lily, Maggie and Joan
Jun 01, 2004
gregorybnyc - imdb.com
TEA WITH MUSSOLINI is Zeffirelli's tribute to his own war-timeupbringing, and while it is undeniably sentimental, it is also awonderful movie. A young, illegitimate boy who is rejected by hisfather (who is married to another) is raised by his secretary... Full review
An ode to humanity
Mar 06, 2004
Sentinela - imdb.com
This is a melodrama and you should not expect anything else. But what a melodrama! In the hands of a great director, using an eccentric story involving some eccentric people, it conveys straight to the heart how the great darkness... Full review
Simply Wonderful
Feb 04, 2004
spanishflea50 - imdb.com
This film is one of the most touching and lovely films that I have seen in many years. Its gaggle of actresses are second to none and turn out excellant performance, Joan Plowright in particular brings an irresistable sweetness to... Full review
Jan 04, 2004
aka_writer - imdb.com
Very enjoyable and emotional. A movie that looks at the WWII era and its effects on people in its own way... A civil disobedience indeed :) Maggie Smith (aka Prof. McGonagall) gives a good performance, having tea with mussolini :)... Full review
Loved it!
Feb 01, 2001
Marti Verso - imdb.com
Ok, I don't see why people have issues with this movie!! It's my ABSOLUTE favorite! I thought everyone did a wonderful job of acting... There may have been a few flaws, but no movie is perfect! I thought Cher totally... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 06, 1999
This film only has David Watkin's pretty cinematography in its favour.....But Tea with Mussolini glosses over the tragic aspects of its tale and lacks the resonance of Life is Beautiful.....vanishes for the greater part of the movie.....the film is riddled with shameless stereotypes -.... ... Full Review
| May 14, 1999
San Francisco Chronicle
Tea With Mussolini,'' which opens today, stars five terrific actresses who are older than 50. It's a role that allows her to be seen, that lets her create a vivid character while showing off what is best about her as a screen personality. ... Full Review
| May 14, 1999
Now, that might have made for a better movie.....This is mostly because the ladies' story is simply more interesting than his --.... ... Full Review
| May 13, 1999
Los Angeles Times
Friday May 14, 1999 Franco Zeffirelli's lively, fanciful "Tea With Mussolini" draws upon the Italian director's memories of growing up in Florence in the increasingly fascist Italy of the 1930s. There are some scary, somber moments in this lushest of period pieces, yet Zeffirelli wisely sustains a gallant, predominantly blithe spirit throughout. ... Full Review
| May 01, 1999
Palo Alto Online
Zeffirelli's opening scenes offer an engaging combination of comedy and poignancy....Unfortunately, the supporting cast members deliver such hammy performances.... ... Full Review


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