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User Reviews

Original, Fresh, and ever so Stylish for 1996
Dec 12, 2008
lukewood3497 - yahoo.com
This is a movie that defined an entirely new genre of comedy with the introduction of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. It had a heavy influence on the entire 20-something nightlife crowd of the late 90's, the bar-hopping way of life,... Full review
Humor, wit and height of trendiness
Apr 17, 2008
CNuxoll - yahoo.com
An intelligent comedy for the 20-something crowd of the mid-nineties! Swingers emotes the hip trend of swing dance, big band music and punk rock for several 20-somethings trying to find their way in Los Angeles. As each struggles with adapting to... Full review
No Game No Dame
Nov 17, 2007
steve_28_us - yahoo.com
Guys if you like this movie check out the book " The Game" Ladies if you want to know how men think watch this movie , it is kinda dated now but it put Vince Vaughn on the map. p.s. I... Full review
Couldn't Take it!
Sep 10, 2007
d_hauswirth - yahoo.com
Bad acting, too many 'babies' and 'money' to stomach. Worst thing? Favreau is the second coming of Woody Allen's onscreen male yenta! Rewind and take it back!... Full review
A Guy's movie
Jul 27, 2007
michaelmiami2000 - yahoo.com
When I saw the box cover, I was like what is this movie about. After I watch the movie, I got hook on it and attempted to get everyone to watch this great movie. It is my favorite move and any... Full review
Not Bad
Jul 02, 2007
rasmy24 - yahoo.com
This film turned out quite good. It's not a bad film to watch when it comes on. That Vince bloke did a really good job in here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... Full review
Cool & Sexy
Jun 01, 2007
grettagarbo99 - yahoo.com
And also very funny! I got very into these characters; they were full of personality and very sexy too. I found it very entertaining to watch these stumbling, single guys make their rounds in Hollywood, and anyone would! I liked Vince... Full review
Jon Favereau's likable comedy
Apr 12, 2007
bondboy422 - imdb.com
"Swingers" is a comedy about actors being out of work in LA. Mikey (Jon Favereau) is getting over a broken relationship with Michelle.Rob(Ron Livingston), Sue(Patrick Van Horn) and Trent(Vince Vaughan)are on hand to pull him through.Cue a fresh and original comedy.Vince... Full review
Best down to earth movie I've ever seen!
Apr 06, 2007
specialnachos - yahoo.com
This movie is perfect for the typical guy. If you want to get over an ex-girlfriend watch this movie and it will make you feel better. There are so many funny lines in this movie ya gotta see beautiful baby! "You're... Full review
So so movie
Mar 26, 2007
brando2002it - yahoo.com
I enyoed this movie alot. I tought that it would have been 100 times better, but unfortantley it wasn't. I thought that this movie was more seriouse but instead it wasn't. The story was fair, the acting and the direction so... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 10, 2009
And when I think over my most favorite embarrassing romantic moments in movies, right at the top of the list is this scene from Swingers . It's almost impossible to promote just one scene from this film when there are so many memorable moments, but this one just hits you where it hurts -- and hopefully some of you will watch this and remember to wait two days ... ... Full Review
| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
It has an energetic, snappy script, punctuated by countless great lines, a strong ensemble cast, while Doug Liman's direction is fresh and alive. The mood and characters are so well established, it is easy and enjoyable to jump in head first and coast along with this bunch of guys, full of egos, insecurities and sexist jokes: "She's business - big butt, can't fly coach. ... Full Review
| Feb 09, 2002
Which is not to say that, given the right frame of mind, you can't enjoy Swingers for what it is: a movie that's as cool as the other side of the pillow. To its credit, Swingers is so pumped full of flash and style it doesn't care if its story is thin as watered-down gin. ... Full Review
| Jun 29, 2001
The Trades
While the film is great entertainment for the fans of Swingers, it may have a difficult time expanding to a wider audience. Like Swingers there are some terrible transition shots mixed in with the spectacular. ... Full Review
| Nov 01, 1996
Deseret News
Consequently, not only are its characters more realistic and sympathetic than Quentin Tarantino's, but "Swingers" is much more good-natured and even likable than anything he has ever done. Instead, this group of aspiring, 20-something actors in Southern California is either more likely to whine about ex-girlfriends, crow about their success with the opposite sex or fight it out over a video game than "cap" (shoot) someone. ... Full Review


Every couple months or so on Craigslist you'll see a post under gigs asking for hipsters to come in audition/sing/whatevs for some show. What these wannabe producers don't seem to realize is that though hipsters are self-selecting, the first rule... ... Full Article

ALLENTOWN, Pa. Rock singer David Lee Roth has been a puppet, pirate, a poet, a pauper, a pawn and a king, according to his 1986 hit "That's Life." ... Full Article

The jury is chaired by a (relatively) mainstream American filmmaker, Tim Burton, and it contains a pair of actors who've made their share of major studio hits, Benicio del Toro and Kate Beckinsale - but that doesn't mean the Cannes... ... Full Article

Orphan boy is trained to be a killer. Self-help author finds love in Seattle. Two survivors battle a world overrun with zombies. Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau team up after their '90s career-making hit, Swingers, to write and costar in... ... Full Article

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