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The reality behind Stepmom!
Nov 25, 2008
norareyes90 -
This movie tells the story of a mother(Jackie) who is divorcing after years of marriage and have two children. Her ex-husband has a relationship with a younger woman. She wants to be involved in the children's life, but is unwilling to... Full review
Sep 22, 2008
bonnye4jesus -
This movies touched my heart. It was very powerful and inspirational. All the actors in this movie was perfect. Thank you... Full review
Such a good, sad movie
Sep 11, 2008
peaceloveandconverse -
This movie has it's lighter times, and it's serious times. The last 10 or 15 minutes made me cry like a baby. lol. This movie is just an all around good movie. Warning, though, if you've had a parent who has... Full review
Can't fully step up to the challenge
Jul 06, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Stepmom does try to be a little too mushy, but with the help of some great actors, the film has enough to partialy satisfy you.... Full review
A wonderful story!!
Apr 27, 2008
chelser_601 -
I love the movie Stepmom! It's a story that you see happening everyday! A woman and a man have divorced and it's hard for the two children to accept it. The father is dating another woman and she struggles to be... Full review
Honest dealings of life...
Dec 25, 2007
emerton_atl -
As a divorced father with 50/50 visitation I found this movie PERFECT and it brings my soul to the surface whenever I watch it. The critics are so wrapped up in fake lives that they can't stand to see something functional... Full review
Aug 11, 2007
rka9013 -
Was a well acted story but it lacked something I can't put my finger on. Overall Worthy. Wouldn't buy it.... Full review
How can anyone believe this was a good idea!
Aug 11, 2007
samuraifa451 -
I saw this on a day when I was younger and a parent was at present wanting to watch it. I expected it to be bad, but not to the point of being unwatchable. Not only does this stink, it's about... Full review
Aug 11, 2007
stephenfcass -
decent rental .... nothing special at all .... kids are pretty anoying - not cute or good actors....roberts, sarandon, harris all fine ...just not a gret story or particularily interesting... Full review
Aug 11, 2007
sidvicious_8699 -
If you have any taste in movies or any form of expression, you will avoid this movie. I couldn't sit through it and the dialogue and acting were so stupid. The plot was even worse. Are we really supposed to be... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 03, 2010
Susan Sarandon was not her best, Julia Roberts was safely edgy.....The bad songs, unduly stretched scenes and blatantly sentimental scenes will test your patience further.....Patience for a film which makes stereotypical morality a burden only on the women (Aman is the only sensible voice), is difficult to muster.....From here on until the preposterous last scene, We Are Family , is a weepathon.....Johar and Malhotra chose a story about a divorced couple and an 'other' woman who the film is sensitive toward ... Full Review
| Sep 02, 2010
Some films are good to look at..... ... Full Review
| Sep 02, 2010
**** Some films are good to look at..... ... Full Review
| Sep 15, 1999
The Flick Filosopher
Stepmom fits right into that groove..... ... Full Review
| Aug 13, 1999
Deseret News
GREAT GREAT GREAT movie!!! Guess I thought it was a really great movie. please ignore Jeff Vice's review and see this very good movie. I thought that it has a good point, and the actors did great. I was deeply moved and touched by this film. ... Full Review


Sat, Sep 4 05:56 PM Mumbai, Sep 4 (IANS) A lot of Kajol's character in Siddharth Malhotra's debut film 'We Are Family' is inspired by his grandmother, yesteryears actress Bina Rai. ... Full Article

September 3, 2010: Some films are good to look at. Some feel good at heart. Very few mainstream films manage to look as good on the surface and also attain a beauty of the heart. ... Full Article

Vote this article Some films are good to look at. Some feel good at heart. Very few mainstream films manage to look as good on the surface and also attain a beauty of the heart. ... Full Article

If 'We Are Family', starring Kajol and Kareena Kapoor , fails to pack the emotional wallop of 'Stepmom', blame it on the insipid writing. It took five writers and a shamelessly manipulative script to put Stepmom on the screen 12... ... Full Article

Before I get to talking about the film, I have one question about " We are Family" and films like it - why is it that they are invariably based in foreign countries and feature designer clothes, homes and even... ... Full Article

Okay, We Are Family is Stepmom , we all know that. Buying official rights means the makers can unabashedly retain elements, even dialogues, from the original. ... Full Article

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