Steamboat Willie


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slight mistake in Mickey history
Jul 01, 2005
JV-6 -
Steamboat Willy was not the first cartoon to feature Mickey Mouse. The first film to star America's friend was "Plane Crazy". "Plane Crazy" was released May 15th 1928 in Hollywood California,in the silent movie format. "Steamboat Willy" was released November... Full review
just can't watch this bit too many times, it's full of true enthusiasm and cleverness Mickey Mouse had in his first 30 years. Nowadays' Mickey is an smart ass little whiner when compared this. Steamboat Willie always makes me smile,... Full review
Happy 75th Birthday Mickey
Nov 15, 2003
ross robinson -
Mickey Mouse is now 75 years old. He was created by Walt Disney, a famous creater, producer, director etc: I love the Disney Movies because it is great fun watching the cartoon movies. Altogether Walt Disney i think is the... Full review
The Little Mouse That Could
Apr 26, 2003
Ron Oliver -
A Walt Disney MICKEY MOUSE Cartoon.STEAMBOAT WILLIE, a mischievous little rodent, neglects his pilothouse and frolics his way into cinematic history.On 18 November 1928, a struggling young genius debuted the world's first successful cartoon with synchronous sound. There would be... Full review
Animation has come a long way...
Apr 14, 2001
J-Train -
This is not, as a number of others have said, Mickey Mouse's first cartoon. It was actually his third. This was his first -sound- cartoon. In any case it's still an important landmark in animation. This is fun to look... Full review
A New Era in Cartoon History
Jan 04, 2001
laishers -
This era was not just the dawn of sound in cartoons, but of a cartoon character which would go down in history as the world's most famous mouse. Yes, Mickey makes his debut here, in this cheery tale of life... Full review
Mickey`s first movie
Sep 06, 2000
action-6 -
"Steamboat Willie" is Mickey`s first movie, and was released way back in 1928. It is an atmospheric piece of movie history, and is a must see for every Disney-fan out there. If you don`t like Disney, you probably won`t like... Full review
the other landmark short film of 1928
Jul 08, 2000
Filmjack3 -
While in one country, Spain, Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali combined forces to create the benchmark of short-subject, cinematic surrealism, Un Chien Andalou, Walt Disney and his collaborator Ub Iwerks in America worked on Steamboat Willie, the most prominent of... Full review
The first animated film with sound
Dec 27, 1999
Coolguy-7 -
This was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released and the first cartoon with sound. It was based on a silent movie called "Steamboat Bill, Jr." starring Buster Keaton. Back in this early Mickey short, Mickey did not talk nor did... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 19, 2008
The Celebrity Cafe
Disney's ever-popular mouse is looking good at 80. That same year, Walt Disney won a special Academy Award for inventing the mouse. At first, his name was Mortimer, but thankfully Disney's wife preferred the name Mickey and so the change was made. ... Full Review
| Aug 22, 2008
Los Angeles Times
Some courts have held that legal stumbles on "derivative" work, in this case "Steamboat Willie," shouldn't end the protection on the underlying work of art, . One short film from 1995, "Runaway Brain," had a Frankenstein theme that put a monster's brain inside Mickey's body, and the result was jarring. ... Full Review
| Aug 22, 2008
Los Angeles Times
Brown had discovered that the Disneys failed to renew copyright claims on that film. Film credits from the 1920s revealed imprecision in copyright claims that some experts say could invalidate Disney's long-held copyright, though a Disney lawyer dismissed that idea as "frivolous. ... Full Review
| Dec 05, 1999
Time Magazine
Those were revolutionary days for animation; more was conceived in those 12 years than in the 60 that followed. After all, there were plans for animating Firebird soon after the original film was released; Stravinsky saw Disney's take on The Rite of Spring, liked it and gave Disney the rights to other pieces. ... Full Review
| Nov 18, 1928
One of USA's most enduring entertainment figures appeared for the first time on November 18, 1928 in a cartoon called "Steamboat Willie. Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from his old pet mouse he used to have on his farm. ... Full Review


Blu-ray and DVD geeks will probably think less of me for this, but when I'm in a dollar store or out bargain shopping I feel compelled to snatch up every single cheapie, old timey cartoon DVD I can find. ... Full Article

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