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This movie is completely insane. The plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, which is pretty much par for the course with Italian cheapies like this. The special effects are atrocious. The actors are completely at a loss as to how... Full review
Some Kind of a Masterpiece
Apr 25, 2006
Steven Nyland -
Take Caroline Munro. Put her in a leather space bikini with matching boots, give her a ridiculous looking laser gun, have someone get some oil on her chest and we are talking entertainment. Now, add a plot that is reminiscent... Full review
Watch it for Caroline
Jan 26, 2006
robin-414 -
When I saw stills of this movie back in 1979, I thought someone had finally made a film just for me. It had spaceships, and robots and something that Star Wars didn't have: Caroline Munro. I waited in vain for... Full review
I first saw this movie at a summer camp many years ago, and was amazed that it was not 1) an early SNL skit; and 2) not destroyed upon the viewing of the first rushes. "Starcrash" is however one of... Full review
What the...? Who? What just happened then? Eh?
Oct 23, 2004
Kenny Mitchell -
I thought I had seen the worst space movie made in recent years when I saw Space Mutiny, how innocent it all seems looking back after just watching Starcrash. This has to be the worst acted, worst written, most poorly... Full review
At last available on DVD!
Mar 06, 2004
pariscub -
This is probably one of the best/worse movies I've ever seen, and I've been so much looking forward to its official release on DVD... Well at last that's it! Starcrash is available on DVD Region 2 in France! I certainly... Full review
"Awfully" Good
Nov 30, 2003
shark-43 -
It's awful all right - in a hilarious way! This movie is awful in almost every category - special effects, sound, costumes, set, acting and the script - but if you like good cheese, if you can embrace the spirit... Full review
I had a Seizure watching this film!
Dec 20, 2002
Simon Bar Sinister -
Well, almost...When I first saw this film, back in 1979, my wife & I were 2 of 5 people in the theater at 7:00 on a Friday night. We were about to walk out when Carolyn Munro was sentenced to... Full review
Hot babes, awful script, lowball FX = great cheese!
Dec 11, 2002
telepinus1525 -
When "Star Crash" appeared in the U.S., my local newspaper's film critic noted: "...You have to be suspicious of a movie that literally sneaks into town...". That remark left me curious, but not curious enough; after just one week "Star... Full review
Good fun
Sep 01, 2000
rundbauchdodo -
This cheap "Star Wars" ripoff presents some of the worst and most ridiculous special effects ever made. It also delivers dumb dialogue that will make you laugh yourself into the next dimension. And, above all, the cast includes Marjoe Gortner,... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 02, 2007 B-Movie Reviews
The bad movie dialog in "Starcrash" is like finding a plateau the height of Mount Everest. "A website to the detriment of good film" Most of the explosions, including spacecraft being destroyed, are realized through impressive displays of fireworks. ... Full Review
| Jan 25, 2005
DVD Talk
The Killer Must Kill Again is a typically fine giallo whose main strengths are its smartly constructed script and fine direction by first-timer Luigi Cozzi, soon to win a large international audience with such films as Starcrash (1979) and Hercules (1983). ... Full Review


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