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Aug 14, 2008
raddriver23 - yahoo.com
I know this movie is old so I have to give it a bit of a break, but I truly don't see what is so good about it. Admittedly, I like the funnier movies, but still. If I were you, I... Full review
Mermaid Movies!
Nov 10, 2007
animexboi1 - yahoo.com
I used to hate this movie when I was a kid but now I totally love it!!! This movie is one of the best Mermaid Movie I've ever seen!... Full review
Bella...Loved it....
Nov 06, 2007
scurygirl901 - yahoo.com
I loved it...clean movie, short but you will not move your eyes from it....gives you a good message, I think it makes us see how hispanic really treat other people, the way they think and they way they really are. Please... Full review
Young, But Not-So-Innocent
May 31, 2007
ccthemovieman-1 - imdb.com
In 1999, I was somewhat shocked to discover this was not the sweet, innocent movie I had remembered from watching it on the big screen 15 years earlier. There was a lot more profanity than I had recalled and tons... Full review
Unforgettable Mermaid Love Story!
May 24, 2007
willmovielover82 - yahoo.com
SPLASH is about Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks), a workaholic fruit & vegetables manager convince that he can't fall in love. When he was little child, he saw something that was extraoridnary that he couldn't possibly believe. He jump off the boat... Full review
Apr 01, 2007
ccfsinc - yahoo.com
kids loved it! dfsssssh dfhgh htwrty hhfdd b gh gtrehg yhygf hrtyh rh fghhf please enter a longer review blah blah blah blah blah blah ...... Full review
Not a Big Splash
Mar 31, 2007
joshuabsa - yahoo.com
This amazingly average film is the story of a man that falls in love with a mermaid, but instead of being romantic, it seems to enjoy missing out on all the funny moments, and anything that could be considered romantic. Tom... Full review
Best mermaid movie!
Mar 31, 2007
posse2946 - yahoo.com
Splash starring Darlyn Hannah and Tom Hanks is an excellent movie, it is kinda old so the effects arn't all up to date. But Hannahs mermaid tail looks so realistic! Co-starring John Candy who is to the max Funny! A romantic... Full review
Mermaids are cool
Mar 31, 2007
wlsn_trys - yahoo.com
I was so fascinated with this movie as a kid. I wanted to be a beautiful mermaid too! I always liked to look at the fish part of the mermaid. Now as an adult the movie is fun to watch just... Full review
a splashy classic.
Mar 31, 2007
fraxmartin - yahoo.com
Tom Hanks and a young Daryl Hannah star in the Ron Howard film, Splash. Splash reminded of two charmed episodes about mermaids. Hannah plays a mermaid and Hanks plays a regular guy and the two fell in love when they were... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Mar 30, 2004
DVD Talk
So by all rights, Splash was primed for failure. But most of all, Howard's fine direction along with a great script by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel make Splash one of the sweetest, most enjoyable romantic fantasies ever created. ... Full Review
| Mar 25, 2004
DVD Town
Hanks is young and sweet and innocent in appearance, a bit whiny but charming.....The plot becomes routine and more than a bit disappointing after the imaginative spark shown in the film's first half.....I'm afraid "Splash" didn't make as much of an impression on me this time around..... ... Full Review
| Mar 18, 2004
DVD MovieGuide
The movie presents charm and sweetness that makes it a nice way to pass time and seems like a pretty good date flick. Nothing about the movie comes across as stunning or tremendously impressive, but enough of the flick entertains to make it a fun experience. ... Full Review

Most of the major talent in Splash did better projects later on, but the movie is a fun reminder of where everyone started and ended up. Its also nice to see Levy play someone else. ... Full Review

The film also still looks good. If you enjoyed Splash in the past, then this 20th Anniversary DVD will be a nice addition to your collection. However, it's the comedy that really makes the movie enjoyable. ... Full Review


London, Mar 24 (PTI) Reality TV star Heidi Montag has pleaded to filmmaker Ron Howard to remake his movie ''Splash'' as she wants to play a mermaid in it. ... Full Article

London, March 23 (IANS) Reality star Heidi Montag is begging movie maker Ron Howard to remake mermaid movie 'Splash' because she wants to play Daryl Hannah's role. ... Full Article

Reality TV star Heidi Montag is begging moviemaker Ron Howard to remake mermaid movie "Splash" because she wants to play Daryl Hannah's role. "The Hills" star, who is about to make her big screen debut in Adam Sandler comedy "Just... ... Full Article

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