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Jan 08, 2009
bmaher1381 - yahoo.com
I have been a big fan of Spiderman and have played him on Halloween. I like this film the best except when he walks away from MJ which I woiuld never have done!!! Brian... Full review
Jan 06, 2009
brenthoward - yahoo.com
spiderman was a great movie it's the first big screen movie made about him and it didn't dissapoint either like x-men 3 or the fantastic 4 the story was played out well everythng was just like it sould have been... Full review
Spiderman Doesn't Disappoint
Dec 31, 2008
gossipwalt8 - yahoo.com
Although I wouldn't say that Spiderman is the best movie I have ever seen, it is quite enjoyable. AS far as the casting, I thought Toby Maguire was believable as the outcast Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst was pretty believable as Mary... Full review
Good But Could Be Better..
Dec 23, 2008
heriomne_lover_12 - yahoo.com
I love the movie but there was room for improvement..but i go see you will like it..I mean the visual where good but good of been better.and the story was that classical hero movie...... Full review
spider man review
Dec 17, 2008
calvinquiambao - yahoo.com
spider man is a movie that give him a power to fight a man to give love to her girl friend named jane first he was busted because his freind mj and he want to kill spider man but he didint... Full review
silly and sophmoric
Oct 30, 2008
cfcarecruiter - yahoo.com
For anyone over the age of ten I would have to question their taste in film choices. Otherwise,I quess it would be ok for moms to take their adolesent boys to see.... Full review
The third best Spider-Man movie yet.
Oct 12, 2008
neil_patel98 - yahoo.com
Spider-Man is the third best Spider-Man movie in the world.I have it on Blu-ray and Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man actor in the world.Green Goblin is perfect villin for the movie.... Full review
Spidey Crushes the Competition!
Sep 06, 2008
movieguy99 - yahoo.com
This very anticipated movie does not fail in any way. Peter Parker a teenager everyone knows from the comic books and the cartoon TV show comes back better than ever on the big screen!... Full review
Aug 24, 2008
coop_1096 - yahoo.com
Well in 2002 when I saw Spider Man I thought it was an eye popping, show stopping thriller. It was really good but I kind of like the second a little bit better.... Full review
The greatest superhero film of all time
Aug 07, 2008
kong_4_lyf - yahoo.com
That's right, you heard it. This film is fun! The direction is very good. Elfman's music is so enchanting and it fits the film perfectly. Tobey McGuire is great as spider-man, and Willem Dafoe is PERFECT as the Green Goblin.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 21, 2010
it might possibly tarnish not only the legacy of those first two great Spider-Man films....fans will be OK with Spider-Man taking a break from the big screen....want to get in on the "gritty" action.....also Batman Begins , the terrific superhero film Sony is clearly about to rip off..... ... Full Review
| Jan 21, 2010
it might possibly tarnish not only the legacy of those first two great Spider-Man films....Going to the gritty would be mistake for next 'Spider-Man' film.... ... Full Review
| Jan 17, 2010
While far from a perfect film, he did the right thing by throwing us straight into the action....While I didn't dislike Spiderman 3 as much as most people seemed to, I'm still asking myself this question.....As a character, Venom flies in the face of many of the principles that make Spiderman comics interesting and unique.....do it right Without a doubt, the weakest link of the Spiderman films was Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson.....Use the setting of New York City to your utmost advantage One of the most ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2010
I'm a big supporter of Sam Raimi's....One of the weaker points of the "Spider-Man" movies, at least in my opinion, was the forgettable score.....I'm equally ready to embrace an entirely new director .....ultimately the music wasn't very memorable when compared to the theme songs associated with the 1960s and 1990s animated series..... ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2010
Otherwise, your friendly neighborhood Spider-man could become a cinematic persona non grata rather quickly.......There were rumors of villains (Vulture), actors (John Malkovich), and direction (back to brooding and darkness).....Like Christopher Nolan, Sam the Man doesn't need Spider-man to validate his talent.....Instead, they wanted to take the material in a more light and frothy direction (read: dumbed down and youthed up).....Here's hoping that Mr. Vanderbilt's script is really that good..... ... Full Review


August 22, 2010: The fourth Spider-Man movie is likely to be released in 2012 and there is a lot of curiosity among the audience. And the sources are quoted to have said that the female lead Mary Jane, played by... ... Full Article

London, Aug 14 (PTI) Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle''s true-life story ''127 Hours, starring ''Spiderman'' actor James Franco, will open this year''s London Film Festival on August 28. ... Full Article

ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype has learned that the Marc Webb-directed Untitled Spider-Man Project will start shooting in December in Los Angeles. We've received no word yet whether Sony's Columbia Pictures will also film in New York. ... Full Article

London, July 08 (ANI): American director Marc Webb is convinced that fans will love actor Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker in the next Spiderman movie. ... Full Article

After a comprehensive worldwide casting search, Andrew Garfield has been chosen to portray Peter Parker when Spider-Man swings back onto the screen in 3D on July 3, 2012 in its fourth instalment. ... Full Article

Usually the eve of a holiday weekend is an opportune moment for an organization to announce layoffs or to put out reams of documents for dirt-diggers to sift through. ... Full Article

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