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User Reviews

Sequel family entertainment at last.
Sep 20, 2008
eric_the_red27 -
I took my wife and son to see this one. I found the movie enjoyable and funny and many times ruting for shrek (who is now married and goes and meets the inlaws) However my son did not get half the... Full review
Great Film
May 13, 2008
PeeshyPow -
I am one that is not very fond of animated films, but this one is something special. Very rarely do I see a sequel that is actually unique and has a story that surpasses the first film. The writers, animists, actors... Full review
Good, but it has it quirks
May 13, 2008
dmlyons_79 -
Shrek 2 is a very good movie and a great sequel, but I think it is not as good as the 1st one. The jokes are good, geared towards adults more, but the movie as a whole doesn't seem to have... Full review
Mar 16, 2008
smilesam726 -
Most of the time sequels are just plain dumb compared to the first one. This movies is one exception!! The movie was as good maybe better than the first one. It needed a little better plot and some more humor but... Full review
More fun that 1 - stay through the credits
Mar 02, 2008
jeff_herman_99 -
More fun than the first movie! We really enjoyed it. Mom, Dad, Grandma and our 8 year old went. We all had smiles on our faces as we walked out. Also, stay thru the credits, or you'll miss a surprise at... Full review
Even better than the first!
Feb 24, 2008
green_yoshi2009 -
The first Shrek movie was awesome. I've watched with my sister in theaters eight months ago. But now DreamWorks finally has done it again! It's also getting more intresting than the first. Puss n' Boots is intresting character with a sword... Full review
Dec 31, 2007
jonaslum -
"shrek" was ok, this was disappointing. it sounds to silly, (though it MIGHT be fun), and the story is kinda stupid,it is so sad that the would choose this story for such a good and creative idea.... Full review
Very Good Movie
Dec 27, 2007
ragady_annand_andy -
This was an excellent movie. This had everything a summer movie can have. I loved the additions to the cast including Antonio Banderas, Larry King and John Cleese. Go see this movie if you have not seen it yet.... Full review
It's A Thong!
Dec 25, 2007
palestiniangecko -
Going into Shrek 2 i figured...great another kids movie. But i soon relized that it was for everyone, not just for kids. It had me laughing from start to finish. But it lacked the music from the first movie. Like in... Full review
Fun + Enjoyable
Nov 05, 2007
dbuddyboy -
Fun family movie. Like the first Shreck movie lots of laugh out loud scences scattered throughout the movie. Very entertaining film that doesn't require much thought, just sit back and enjoy the popcorn.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Oct 13, 2008
Monsters and Critics
The title does make a stunning visual on the format, but again it only makes me wish it were the second sequel. The film also has a trivia track and the ability to customize the menus to your favorite character. ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2008
Shrek 2 succeeds because it progresses the character's story....Film buffs will also relish the scores of classic movie homages that litter almost every frame.... ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2008
Happily, Shrek 2 is as uniquely funny, cheerful and poignant as its predecessor.....a triumph in computer animation and classic packed with dozens of snappy pop-culture references, with stellar voice work courtesy of John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Larry King and comedy-queen Jennifer Saunders..... ... Full Review
| Nov 23, 2007
3 Black Chicks
It was a gallant effort, but the movie is called Shrek. But Prince Charming underestimates the strength of the love that Shrek has for the newly pregnant Fiona and he will stop at nothing to free his wife and fix the kingdom as it once was. ... Full Review
| Jul 01, 2007
The thing Shrek 2 does right is the humor-snarky, irreverent, but not full of itself.....expressions and physical idiosyncrasies are duplicated for the characters, which becomes especially important for non-speaking characters like Dragon.....All in all, Shrek 2 is an excellent opportunity to have more fun with beloved characters....The voice actors who replicated the movie actors do an excellent job.... ... Full Review


THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE has smashed all previous box office records with its South African release taking a spine tingling R12,8m on the opening weekend. ... Full Article

Despite coming out on top however, the DreamWorks Animation film has the weakest debut of all the Shrek sequels, according to studio estimates. While it made $71.3 million, Shrek 2 from 2004 opened with $108 million while Shrek the Third... ... Full Article

Once upon a time in Hollywoodland, DreamWorks Animation unveiled an animated film called "Shrek," which became an instant classic. Soon, "Shrek 2" followed, then "Shrek the Third." ... Full Article

Dreamworks' animated sequel, which features the voices of Mike Myers , Cameron Diaz , Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas , took in a monstrous $104.3 million across an unprecedented 4,163 screens. ... Full Article

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