Shining Through


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Riverting, Suspense, Maze of Action
Jun 19, 2008
reelqute -
Enticing from the beginning as an unconventional job "interview" and eye openning clock and dagger identity maze. Brillantly played by Melanie Griffith, Michael Douglas, Iaam Neelson and the rest of the cast developing their characters with skill through their dark secrets... Full review
like never before
Feb 21, 2008
alisonhamilton2003 -
A novel turned movie that is truely dazzling. I couldnt believe the electricity potrayed by the actors. Most directors couldn't bring a novel to life such like this one. A MUST see.... Full review
Nov 29, 2007
apbetts -
The only thing in this world more annoying than Melanie Griffith is Melanie Griffith in a boring movie like this one. If your smart you'll avoid it like the plague.... Full review
Good movie for a nap
Sep 16, 2007
Pican00 -
If you can't get any sleep, just start watching this movie. You will be snoring in no time. How anyone can take Melanie Griffith seriously is a mystery to me.... Full review
Romantic thriller
Sep 16, 2007
ashwin_ne -
The movie Shining Through stars Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. MG is a secretary who discovers that her boss is a spy. They soon fall in love with each other (oh, why am I not surprised? :-) Soon, WW2 breaks out... Full review
A great movie
Sep 16, 2007
artcooke2000 -
This is a wonderful movie, Melony Grifith is greqat the part when douglas comes in the uso with another woman I am a macho guy who never crys I had tears in my eyes for her beside that its just a... Full review
Sep 16, 2007
sarahwinkrebel02 -
i like it i wish she wouldve gotten with the fiennes actor guy...oh well darn the nazi in him!!! Melanie was actually believable, and I loved the story line. It's cool seeing the war fromm that point of view, not that... Full review
My favorite movie of all time
Sep 16, 2007
rainonmywindow_2003 -
This is my favorite movie of all time. It has everything I like, history, love story and two great actors. If you don't like this movie then you are crazy, and blind.... Full review
great story that makes you inspired!
May 02, 2007
passionate.lover0126 -
at first I thought it was just a film about war but as the movie goes further you wouldn't want to missed every second of it.A love story that shows being loyal to your loved one gives credit in the end.... Full review
melanie griffith
Jan 12, 2007
pandabear77 -
this was truly an academy award performance for melanie griffith.....and should have given her the prize for her outstanding work.......a truly magnificent movie.......with a touch of old hollywood....the good guys win......and for michael douglas....he never had such a beauty to work... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 11, 2004
DVD Talk
Shining Through is the most flagrant offender of this kind that I've seen so far. Shining Through is told as the proud flashback of Melanie Griffith's character, Linda Voss, leading us to think that this is perhaps a true story. ... Full Review
| Dec 08, 2000
Rolling Stone
Linda thinks it's an adventure right out of her favorite Hollywood movies....Shining Through is an awful lot of fun for a movie that's nothing more than slickly packaged fluff.....everybody's favorite working girl, Melanie Griffith, chirping.....He indulges both weaknesses in Shining Through , giving an overblown, self-important cast to a movie that should float like gossamer.....Griffith shows an unexpected flair for the script's rat-a-tat dialogue..... ... Full Review
| Jan 31, 1992
Chicago Sun-Times
Shining Through " is such an insult to the intelligence....But there is never any believable romantic chemistry between Griffith and Douglas....Here is a film in which scene after scene is so implausible....there's a hilarious scene in which she flees, frightened, through the city streets in a red opera cloak....The movie is told in flashbacks, for no good reason, with an elderly, agonizingly coy Griffith recalling her story for a BBC interviewer..... ... Full Review
Shining Through fails as an espionage thriller, but also as a romance.....Griffith can't muster enough charisma for us to believe.... ... Full Review

Austin Chronicle
Shining Through lacks the spark that would propel it into the stand-up-and-cheer type of war/romance film it so obviously was meant to be..... ... Full Review


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