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Beautiful movie...beautiful man
Oct 28, 2007
Sweet2APoint -
Emotionally charged from beginning to end and so superbly acted. Definitely on my top ten. (Don't go into this expecting an action-packed experience or you will be sorely disappointed -- it's not that kind of movie. Do expect to be moved.)... Full review
Geoffrey Rush is a great actor
Jun 15, 2007
redsoxfan90210 -
Geoffrey Rush is a great actor he is in many great movies. Pirates of the Cribbean is the best movie on earth... Full review
A lovely film
Dec 16, 2006
karl_consiglio -
Based on the true life story of David Helfgott. Starts with the early years under his possessive father's roof. We discover that this boy is truly a talent and child prodigy pianist with a great future once he builds up... Full review
Wonderful Performance, Junk Movie
Aug 09, 2006
joshuabsa -
One of the biggest letdowns in recent memory, Shine lodges itself with Cold Mountain, for movies that I expected great things from, but ended up being junk. The only good things I can say about this movie is Geoffrey Rush gave... Full review
Intense, Well-Acted & Photographed Movie
Aug 07, 2006
ccthemovieman-1 -
This was a very interesting movie and pleasant surprise, although sometimes that theme of the obsessive parent driving a kid crazy gets overworked. Nonetheless, it's a very well-made movie.Geoffrey Rush is fascinating in the lead role as "David Helfgott." However,... Full review
I dont know what to say.
May 13, 2006
epicfan95 -
This is a great film is all I can say about this one. I have no other words to say about it. Shine has a great director. Shine has class. Shine has a heart. Shine delivers a great punch. Shine is... Full review
The Rach 3 and The flight of the bumblebee
Jan 27, 2006
catboylouis -
One of the classic movie of all time. I have a lot of favorite scenes. The part where david plays The Rach 3, the part where he said "sister Suzie", the part where he played The flight of the bumblebee and... Full review
A tribute to music and love
Nov 16, 2005
titodonaire -
A brilliant film, an intense story, very well performed and directed. One of my favorite films ever. I think George Geoffrey was incredible in this film...he became Helfgot and so did Mueller-Stahl in his role as the father. Sir John... Full review
The best movie ever done
May 30, 2005
juliandipp -
It... Full review
High quality movie from beginning to end
May 30, 2005
ibutragueno -
Actor Geoffrey Rush plays an outstanding role. The movie about a gifted child, a "virtuoso", a pianist who develops mental problems due to an infance with a too-demanding father obsessed with music and the past, it... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
This is a film brimming with passion; it took great passion and conviction for Scott Hicks to realise his vision, and Shine takes Australian film making to the fore on the international platform. That director Scott Hicks has a very obvious benevolent bias is also a plus for the film - it lets us know exactly where he stands, so we can allow for it. ... Full Review
| Jul 31, 2007
Rush, of course, is one of Australia's leading actors and is best known for the Oscar he won for his performance in the 1995 film Shine . You have nothing to lose but your long focus. ... Full Review
| Jul 18, 1997
San Francisco Chronicle
Better than any other film I can remember, ``Shine'' shows how the artist goes off to a private, separate place to create. Delicate and complex, it's not only a showcase for great acting but also a deeply affecting film about family, artistry, second chances and the line between creativity and madness. ... Full Review
| Jan 17, 1997
The Providence Journal
Geoffrey Rush plays David as an eccentric wacko -- bug-eyed eagerness, rapid-fire erratic speech and chaotic body movements. The young David (Noah Taylor) is a timid young man who constantly caves in to the demands of his stern father (Armin Mueller-Stahl), who makes David tremble. ... Full Review
| Dec 25, 1996
San Francisco Chronicle
Now the film is devoted mostly to the adult David, played by the likable and audacious Rush. Hicks and Sardi structured the movie, they say, in concerto form according to proper rhythms and appropriate exposition, development and recapitulation. ... Full Review


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Lynn Redgrave, an introspective and independent player in her family's acting dynasty who became a 1960s sensation as the unconventional title character of "Georgy Girl" and later dramatized her troubled past in such one-woman stage performances as "Shakespeare for My... ... Full Article

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