Shaun of the Dead


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User Reviews

A humorous look at a Zombie infestation
Aug 10, 2008
bluelakeservices -
This must have been the precursor to the cop spoof they made later, which I really really loved. I saw this afterwards, and shooting zombies isn't as funny as cake-eating cops. The ending really topped it though, when normal society has... Full review
A GREAT Zombie movie!
Jun 30, 2008
jwesley0909 -
its filled with ZOMBIES and laughs! This is what a good zombie movie should be like. I loved it!!! Maybe there was a few TOO many laughs BUT in the end it was still one of my favorites! The zombies didnt... Full review
You've got red on you.
Jun 27, 2008
azachu -
I loved this movie, it was both funny and a true example of British humor. It had everything, zombies, a good male lead character (Pegg), who still has red on him (*snicker*). Its truly worthy for any fan of brit humor... Full review
Best zombie movie ever.
Jun 16, 2008
morvill -
I've seen just about every zombie movie ever made and this is definitely the best one. I haven't laughed so hysterically, or been so startled during a movie in years. This movie is both extremely funny and very scary. There were... Full review
The dumnest movie of 2004
Jun 16, 2008
aravahan -
I think that this movie was a wast of time and money. This movie was not as funny as I thougt it will be. I mean there were SOME funny parts in it but I didn't see any scary ones. So,if... Full review
Jun 08, 2008
predalien453 -
This film was hilarious. I first heard about this and thought it would be stupid, but it was great! The story was great, the acting was superb. The direction was very well played out. The visuals were all well done. Overall,... Full review
Drop Dead Funny!
Apr 21, 2008
brandondorbert -
This movie had me laughing from the Beginning too end. The acting was not that bad for being a spoof. It does not really have a story to it, but it is good for the type of movie that it is.... Full review
freakin hilarious
Apr 03, 2008
gstein91 -
i love these kind of movies. instead of people being affraid of zombies walking around. they play off of it with jokes ang gags. simond pegg is funny along with his fat friend... Full review
Good but not great
Mar 23, 2008
rrenfro -
I think that the story was okay, but it could have been better, because all it did was make fun of the movie, Dawn of the Dead. Originally, it was to be both a horror movie and a funny movie, but... Full review
Graces with gore
Mar 22, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Shaun of the Dead may not have the funniest humor to hit the screen in quite awhile, but it sure is entertainning and a whole lot of fun.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Oct 05, 2009
Screen Rant
Overall, Shaun of the Dead is a hilarious and highly entertaining comedy....It's a fairly straightforward and simple zombie film plot, but the real greatness is in the's basically a 100 minute movie of all great moments.....the hilarious Irish comedian, Dylan Moran, plays Liz's friend....and finally, horror fans will enjoy the gore and atmosphere of the film..... ... Full Review
| Aug 31, 2009
DVD Town
Shaun of the Dead" is a modern classic.....What makes "Shaun of the Dead" so special is the fact....these films are Comedy Homage and not Comedy Parody.....The film is full of homage to the horror classic..... ... Full Review
| Jun 30, 2009
Get ready for a gut-busting, bone-mashing good time in the hilarious horror comedy, Shaun of the Dead.....Satisfy your bloodthirsty appetite with the movie....Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz Laugh It Up to Blu-ray on September 22nd....masters of horror and film critics alike are hailing as the funniest and scariest movie of the year.....Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movie then share with your BD-Live buddies!.... ... Full Review
| Apr 06, 2009
Shaun of the Dead" is a Perfect Blend of Action, Comedy....And although the movie is packed with references to this and other classic zombie movies, they aren't crucial to enjoyment of the film.....Undoubtedly Shaun of the Dead#39;s strongest aspect is its wide appeal.....making Shaun of the Dead#39;s spectacular success as an action comedy downright astonishing.....have ever seen a zombie movie before.The premise of the film is simple:.... ... Full Review
| Apr 06, 2009
Shaun of the Dead" is a Perfect Blend of Action, Comedy....Not much of a horror fan at the time, I never would have bothered with Shaun of the Dead....And although the movie is packed with references to this and other classic zombie movies, they aren't crucial to enjoyment of the film.....The comedy stylings of director Edgar Wright and actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (who also co-wrote the film with Wright) are top-notch.....The premise of the film is simple:.... ... Full Review


With his films "Shaun of the Dead" (2004) and "Hot Fuzz" (2007), writer-director Edgar Wright proved himself adept at dusting off genre films, revitalizing them with a humor that nimbly lent itself to homage more than parody. ... Full Article

If you were putting together a new movie comedy team, Superbad's Michael Cera and Shaun of The Dead director Edgar Wright might be the last pair you'd consider. ... Full Article

Hollywood generally tries to make movies that will appeal to everyone, because they want all the money. It rarely works though, because everyone has different tastes. ... Full Article

When I arrived in San Diego on Wednesday morning, it was already becoming clear that this year's San Diego Comic-Con would be a major movie, games and TV-driven event, maybe even more so than previous years. ... Full Article

Oh Simon Pegg . You and your funny zombies. The writer and star of " Shaun of the Dead " inexplicably took to Twitter yesterday with this awesome photo from the amazing 2004 zombie comedy. ... Full Article

Paul Potts: The Movie, about the first Britain's Got Talent winner's rise from mobile phone salesman to opera star, has been axed. Simon Cowell had developed a script and sold the rights to Paramount Pictures, and the movie - to... ... Full Article

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