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User Reviews

Mar 31, 2006
wnterstar -
OK...this might not be the worst movie ever made, but it's close. SPOILER... (Can you really spoil a movie that stinks this badly?) Readers Digest version of the plot: Grieving couple move into house that's been empty for 20 years. Wife... Full review
Not bad!
Mar 25, 2006
LoupGarouTFTs -
I have to agree with the other reviewers that the movie was a send-up of The Shining, with lots of grass around instead of snow. The film had a kind of grainy, low budget feel to it, which I thought... Full review
Pretty bad
Aug 05, 2003
hershiser2 -
I'm always looking for a good haunted house/ghost flick, and I have to say I haven't seen a good new one in years. Instead of something new, here we have a movie that borrows aspects and ideas from a bunch of... Full review
****1/2 out of 5
May 19, 2003
mike -
7 Days to Live is a horror film so short, sweet and to the point that it nearly speaks for itself. To place thing into jaunt terms, if you are looking for an relentless trip into insanity that is sure... Full review
"I bet you can't wait to find out how this story ends."
Feb 24, 2003
Backlash007 -
~Spoiler~ I applaud 7 Days to Live. I don't applaud it for being a clone of The Shining, but for the efforts behind this film. It's the story of a writer and his wife who move into a haunted house... Full review
Pretty good flick.
Apr 20, 2002
Jack the Ripper1888 -
I bought this movie the other night from Blockbuster and I started watching it at around two in the morning. This is a great movie to watch late at night when all the lights are out. It actually scared me... Full review
VERY Chilling Thriller....
Oct 07, 2001
LRTony26 -
I loved this movie. Both Sean Pertwee and Amanda Plummer were great in it. The whole movie was very chilling. Great movie to watch on a cold, lonely night at home. That is what I did. Sean is great as... Full review
Deja Vu Vu Vu...
Sep 04, 2001
Poe-17 -
This film is like browsing in the fridge, late at night when you have the munchies; there's a piece of pizza, a slice of meatloaf, a spoonful of potato salad, a deviled egg ... stuff you've had before that doesn't... Full review
Watch it in alone in a darkened room!
Jun 10, 2001
Steve Riley -
This is one creepy and suspenseful movie. True, it borrows heavily from other movies (`The Shining' being one obvious example) but it still stands out as an exciting film in its own right. What lends it an even more strange... Full review
poor storyline
Jun 08, 2001
errorist -
Although the movie has its exciting moments, the end is really bad. The story of this movie doesnt make sense at all. The whole "7 days" things is an unexplained phenomenom. The history about this haunted house remains unexplained as... Full review

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