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There's just something special here...
Jan 13, 2009
jhaveymoviereviews -
This movie is a modern scifi classic. If I was to rate this against movies outside it's genre it would be a B- or so but this is Serenity man. It is a very interesting movie and wow I just like... Full review
Stick to TV
Jan 04, 2009
baypacman -
Serenity was developed as a feature film after the Firefly series was cancelled on cable TV. This movie definitely is not worthy of a theatrical release. The visuals are extremely poor and the overall production qualities are more in line with... Full review
Twice seen, twice enjoyed
Jan 03, 2009
e_space23 -
This is scifi at its finest. There is nothing to compare this movie to. See it, and if you haven't bought the Firefly series on DVD, get it.... Full review
A Movie Worth Seeing
Dec 31, 2008
jessiecohn -
I highly recommend the movie "Serenity" to those who like sci-fi and futuristic movies. It was so good that I hope to see it again someday.... Full review
Best movie of 2005 hands down
Dec 14, 2008
pcpatrocities -
This movie was a lot of fun to watch. In fact it was the only movie that I paid twice to see in the theaters since Return of the Jedi. I bought the DVD's and watch it every few months. It... Full review
Best movie!
Nov 21, 2008
superpouya -
Everything about this movie rocks. Special effects! Acting! Story line ( If you watched the Firefly TV series it would make a lot of sense. )...... Full review
Nov 02, 2008
trog_79 -
I was lost because I never saw Firefly, but once I got into it, I enjoyed it. The enjoyment comes from the action and the visuals, not from the plot or the acting. This is escapism action movie sci fi at... Full review
I loved Firefly... So I'm Totally Bias
Sep 19, 2008
janine1717 -
Would this movie make sense if you haven't seen Firefly? Honestly, I haven't a clue. I would like to think it would, it has exposition and everything, but being a HUGE fan of the show I'm already aware of all the... Full review
Jul 19, 2008
computerglitchmademedothisagain -
Great concept of a killer youth, much like a Japanese Anime. Everytime I watch this now I think of the Terminator series and of a friend of mine that looks like an actor in the movie but I still enjoy watching... Full review
First Date
Jul 06, 2008
sinbad68101 -
I saw this movie while on a date. I was totally into it while my date was not. I really enjoyed this one. The acting was good, the suspense good, the action was not bad, and the humor was right on.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Aug 20, 2010
The Denver Post
Serenity" fine movie to get teens into sci-fi....The tension between them drives "Serenity" toward its climactic confrontations.....For a sci-fi action film, "Serenity" is remarkably chaste.....Serenity" is a great way to try to get your young teenagers hooked on the neglected field of science fiction movies.....That the whole of "Serenity" revolves around saving her soul is just one of the film's endearing qualities..... ... Full Review
| Aug 06, 2009
These can be a great chance to better get to know memorable characters that didn't get enough screen time in your favorite movies.....5 Modern movies in desperate need of a sequel.... ... Full Review
| Aug 04, 2009
Modern Movies in Desperate Need of a Sequel....These can be a great chance to better get to know memorable characters that didn't get enough screen time in your favorite movies..... ... Full Review
| Jan 28, 2009
Monsters and Critics
The picture on Blu-ray is amazing.... ... Full Review
| Dec 30, 2008
is regularly voted one of the best sci-fi films ever made.....never appreciated the sound design nor David Newman's score quite as much as I did with this release.....Whedon isn't just anybody and he made a great movie that works just as well for people completely unfamiliar with the show.....What's most outstanding about the release of "Serenity" on Blu-Ray is the unbelievable wealth of special features.....When "Serenity" hit theaters, it certainly earned critical acclaim and adoration of fans of the show ... Full Review


SAN DIEGO - Every year, Comic-Con: International is a window to a new world of gods and monsters - and this year was perhaps even more so. ... Full Article

One of my favorite parts of travelling to Minnesota for sci-fi/fantasy/comic book conventions is a room run by the Minnesota Browncoats, a group of diehard Firefly fans who decorate hotel rooms into spot-on replicas of the Serenity galley. ... Full Article

Hey Herc! The Scientist here with a quick review of Serenity, although I suspect that you'll be sending a review as well since I saw you at the screening. ... Full Article

SERENITY (PG-13, 119 minutes) -- When Joss Whedon's imaginative sci-fi series, "Firefly," was canceled, fans went into deep mourning. But thanks to their enthusiastic snapping up of the show's DVDs, Universal ponied up $40 million for "Serenity," a movie version... ... Full Article

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